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From One Geek to Another

Posted on October 11, 2012 AT 04:14pm

There is a lot of digital paperwork that is done behind the scenes between journalists, PRs, and the companies each side works for. Most of the time, while the PRs know each other by name, sometimes when the journalists go above and beyond what is expected of them, and without being asked, the other side smiles and thanks them.

I’m lucky to not only have a wonderful team of writers, but work with many PRs who deal with my random botherings via email. One of them happens to be Mark N., who is my contact for Wizards of the Coast. I love Wizards as they’ve been part of my gaming life for a long time with Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: the Gathering, and I try my best to do right by giving them coverage of everything.

I happen to get a package from the Wizards’ office the other day, and I was quick to open it up. Inside, a bubble wrapped frame and a letter from Mark and the Magic team. The letter read as follows:

Thank you, Rose.

We wanted to thank you for being part of the Magic community and for helping us get the word out to the Magic fans across the world by sending a small token of our appreciation. The enclosed Return to Ravnica Tablet of the Guilds art has been personally signed by the members of the set’s design and development teams.

We hope you are as excited about Return to Ravnica as we are, and we look forward to continuing to work with you through the Ravnica block and beyond!

Sure enough, inside the frame, was a wonderful piece of artwork signed by the crew. I was amazed and still am. So, I want to openly thank everyone, Mark and the Magic crew, for the picture, and I want to share it with everyone who follows the site. Right click the link in the quote above, and click “Open Link in New Tab/Window” to see the whole thing, but be warned, it is a bit big. Save it, share it, post it wherever you want (it would probably make a great background with a little resizing!). From those geeks at that offers to me, and from this geek to all of you, enjoy!

As a gamer for life, I've watched many things come and go. My controller has changed color and shape many times, along with my console. A fan of action RPGs and the like, I'm always willing to give a good game the chance to impress me. || Editor-In-Chief || @GamingMistress ||

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