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Fuel Overdose [PS3] Review

Posted on March 18, 2013 AT 11:02am

Fuel Overdose comes into a field already littered with racing combat type games. Though it offers up nothing new what it does offer makes the game unique. Players will find themselves enjoying the game play but the actual story will fully rope them in. Add into the game a more of an anime type feel the game then caters to two different types of people. Fuel Overdose will take you back to the core of what bad games do well. Players may not be offered anything new or extraordinary; fans of the genre will feel right at home.

One thing Fuel Overdose does is add a story in a game type where one usually doesn’t exists. As the story goes global warming has riddled the earth. Sadly with the global warming comes the creation of a disease that comes to be known as “Lilith” which is super deadly wiping out half of the population. In a need to fight the disease a cure is created but problems arise as humans become addicted to the vaccine. During this turn of events the world starts to fall into a post-apocalyptic chaos known as Downfall Day. When you start the game you are brought to shortly after these events. People will do whatever they can to get their hands on just a dose of their addiction. Like many other stories of a world covered with chaos a group arises above the fray as the ultimate power. In Fuel Overdose this group comes to be known as the Consortium, they hold all the vaccine. Only hope to get the fix a body needs is to race in a tournament to win a portion of the actual supply.

Adding to the depth of the actual story is the back stories given to the locations. Modern day locations are present but may have become something not familiar right off to the players eye. Players will find themselves in a partially submerged New York city, Las Vegas is also present but is covered by sand. Each location adds a sense of depth and dram to the overtone. Global warming mixed with well known places adds to the gritty feeling of the story.

Fuel Overdose does not add anything new to the racing combat genre. If you have played similar type games you will feel right at home. Falling somewhere in between Twisted Metal and the various racing games like Blur and Mario Kart. Offered up though is a unique play style that mixes racing and combat. Shops provide weapons before the start of each race but each character offers up a different quality. Each character has certain moves in their arsenal. Special moves can also be completed which can turn the race tide in your favor in a matter of moments, don’t forget though they can also be used against you. Mere button presses will not vault you to become the leader of the pack as in other games of this type. Players are tasked with performing button combinations to get the desired results. One other feature vaults the game into a different direction. Players have a grapple option that can be used for turning corners but also as a way to cause destruction to other players, lining up the perfect shot for their weapons.

Graphics for Fuel Overdose are what you would expect from a PSN title right from the start. Actual gameplay is from a top down view which does take some getting used to. Levels feel gritty not to say that they do not work well for the title. As you are playing you do get a sense of feel for the post apocalyptic racing with the build of the levels. Where Fuel Overdose shines through is with the anime type feel. Finding something a bit different from the actual game when you are scouring the menus was a nice change. Anime type cuts were welcomed distractions.

Instances of lasting appeal do often times in games take a bit of scratching deeper then the surface. In the case of Fuel Overdose certain occurrences do offer up reasons to play through again. Offered up is gameplay that has been done many times over but somehow stays fresh. With unique characters each adding unique abilities into an already fun combat scenario. Weapons present to the player give one step towards reasons to enjoy playing over again. Combat does stay varied enough fun can be had multiple times. Fuel Overdose is one of those games that can be picked up and played at any point in time.

Pros: Story is solid offering up a fun gameplay option, Weapons are varied.

Cons: Camera combined with the overhead view sometimes throws the player off.

Grade: B+

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