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Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3

Posted on July 16, 2012 AT 05:50pm

There are many times in a gamer’s life when they wish they had just that little bit of extra something to get by that one boss. Maybe they want infinite ammo because they have a habit of not conserving it. Or perhaps they want unlimited health because those zombie bites just don’t heal like they used to. The Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 will make those dreams and many others come true when it comes out on the 17th of this month.

The Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 allows players to alter or enhance their save files to gain an extra edge while they play, or just unlock some nifty additional features that aren’t available normally to the title. The Game Genie: Save Editor comes on a USB drive that contains the application’s set up program. All you have to do is install the set up onto your PC, but you are only allowed two installations in an effort to prevent piracy so choose your PC wisely. You then use the USB drive to transfer the altered save files from Game Genie’s online database of enhancements onto your PS3 console. While the database itself will forever be expanding there are several big name games that will have modifications available at launch, such as Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Product Highlights
·         Ability to load, upload and back up Save Data.
·         Automatic profile reassignment
·         Ability to trade game save files with other players
·         Secure access to comprehensive, continuously updated cheat database

You can find the most up-to-date information on the Game Genie on

About the Author: Laura has many varied interests outside of video gaming. Other hobbies and areas of obsession include: hiding her Boston accent, singing, Metallica, The Walking Dead, Iron Man, Green Day, The Boondock Saints, tattoos, Pomeranians, and the paranormal. Follow Laura on Twitter: @DN_VampPMS

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