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GameStop Offering PowerUp Members to Get on a Wii U Wait List

Posted on September 22, 2012 AT 10:13pm

Wii U

You know that awkward moment where you are in a GameStop (I could stop right here, but I won’t) and when you finally get up to the counter, you know what you want, but understand this will have to be a drawn out experience? If you are looking to pick up a Wii U and didn’t pre-order it before the world apparently “sold out” of Wii U pre-orders, and you just awkwardly said yes to anything your local, friendly GameStop employee said, you might actually be in luck. GameStop announced today that PowerUp Rewards Members will be eligible to be put on an exclusive Wii U wait list!

Yes, now you too can be on a wait list, and if Nintendo for some reason produces more than they plan to release, or if someone backs out of their pre-order, you will have 48 hours to hurry into your local GameStop and pick up your Wii U. This is how the system works, folks. Supply and demand. We’ve seen this before with console launches, where the company will release only a small number of consoles, then cite how they “sold out” and create a fervor among consumers who now all of a sudden need this new “it” item that they can’t find anywhere.

So if you are a PowerUp Rewards Member, get on GameStop’s waitlist today, and if not, well, become a member and then get on their waitlist. Wait, I see what they did there. Brilliant.

Dave Walsh is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Kickboxing website, one of the foremost authorities on the sport of Kickboxing online. He is also a novelist, musician and avid gamer. Follow at @LiverKickdotcom

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