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Gaming On A Budget – September 14th 2012

Posted on September 14, 2012 AT 08:00am

Welcome to the weekly series of Gaming on a Budget. While video game prices are on the rise, there are plenty of great games, great deals, and great steals for those who don’t mind playing games after they have been out for a while. My objective in this article is not necessarily to review games, but introduce you to lesser known games, websites, and deals that may be hard to find. I help you get through the week with upcoming weekend sales, free play weekends, and a recap of games you should always have ready to play.

FREE TO PLAY- RaceRoom Racing Experience – This free to play (or the term they use is “Free2Race™” has just released a teaser into the game, and it is probably one of my favorite racing games out there. Right now you have use of the Aquila CR1 Sports GT race car which you can race on the fake track called the RaceRoom Raceway. This game will have plenty of great modes for you to enjoy, and one you’re going to want to follow Sign up and drive on Steam today!
FRANCHISE DEAL-Sam and Max- The best part of this job is you get to research and check out many different games, and this is probably one of the most entertaining games/series that I have had the pleasure to play. From Telltale Games (the guys who have brought you games including Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Poker Night at the Inventory, and the latest incarnations of Back to the Future bring their colorful version of a game to life. For only $14.99, you get Season one, Season two, and the Devil’s Playhouse to give you plenty of game time in this unique adventure game. Check out the trailers and grab it on Steam today.

INDIE SPOTLIGHT- Gateways- This indie 2d platformer from Smudged Cat Games brings almost a portal feeling, but with way more capabilities. Using the ‘gateway’ technology, you can chase the size of your character to explore small caverns or defeat large enemies, walk on walls, and even time travel. This is one you have to see for yourself, and you can see it, only on Steam!

KEN’S SPOTLIGHT- Tiny Tower – One of the first games for me to suggest that is on both iOS devices and Android. Released back in June 23rd 2011, this game is a simulation in which you are expanding a tower and filling it with stores and citizens (known as bitizens). It’s one of the many games that you can get on your cell phone, but you can play for 5-10 minutes, put it away, and it still works while it’s away! Grab it for this price, only on the Apple and Android retail stores now, and check out this funny video of the game from Dorkly.
Thank you for stopping by this week, as I appreciate each and every reader. You can follow me on Twitter if you would like at @RadioInfluence for updates on everything beer, gaming, wrestling, and sports and follow the site at @DigitalNoob_Com for all updates on everything nerd!

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