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Gaming On The Job #1: Enter the Noob

Posted on July 19, 2012 AT 02:48pm


Hello Angry Bird fanatics, Outwitters, and general iOS game junkies!  My name is Jay Anderson, and I want to welcome you to Gaming on the Job, DigitalNoob’s premier little corner spot to get all of your iOS gaming news.  Each week, I’ll be letting you know what came out, what you should pick up, and keeping you up to date with the freshest news on upcoming releases from mobile gaming’s hottest developers.  But first, let me tell you a little about me.

I’m fairly new to the iOS scene, only having had an iPhone/iPad for about a year.  However, from the first time I played Infinity Blade, and got to see first hand what these devices could do, I was hooked.  Ever since then, every week,  I have eagerly awaited 11 PM Eastern time on Wednesday, to see what new games were releasing.  Over the past year, I’ve probably spent as much money on iOS titles as I have on console games.

…Okay, that’s not true; but seriously, I’ve bought a ton of iOS games.  When I joined the DigitalNoob staff, I was talking with Editor-in-chief, Rose Whitcomb, and she was trying to figure out what in the world to do with me.  I was like, “I don’t know…I dig video games and anime,” and then it hit me like a football to the face.  I could write about iOS games!  See, being addicted to this time passing, work production killing, awesome device, I have constantly needed new content to consume.  And after searching the internet extensively, I’ve only found a couple of good sites that seriously and competently cover this market.  Well…you can’t complain about something if you’re not willing to do what you can to help fix it right?

Okay, now that we’re a little better acquainted, how about we get started?

This Wednesday, as of 11pm EST, we saw heavy hitters like, the much anticipated, Field Runners 2, and Great Big War Game, hit the App Store, among other titles.  Here’s the rundown:

Fishing Superstars: Free A Gamevil Fishing Game.  If you’ve played Baseball Superstars, then you have an idea of what you’re getting here.  If not, but you dig fishing, you may as well check this out since it’s free to download.

Fieldrunners 2: $2.99 More Fieldrunners!  Need I say more?

Great Big War Game: $2.99 I love strategy games.  I loved Great Little War Game.  It was a fun, quirky strategy title.  That plus multi-player??!  Yeah, I’m in.

Synesthetic: $1.99  Remember Audiosurf?  That game that was kinda like a surreal race through tracks powered by your iPod’s music?  Well it looks like this game is its successor.

Sly Fox: $.99 A cute puzzler that involves a fox with a propeller on his head…

Pocket Minions: $.99 This tower builder looks good, might have to check it out.

Pocket Army: Free Something else to put into your pocket!  This online game where you can battle your friends is getting a lot of buzz in the App Store ratings.

Mad Cows: $.99 “Don’t get Angry…get even!”  Yeah…I think we all know what this is.  If you haven’t had enough…well you know, pick this up.

Tentacle Wars: $.99 This is an interesting looking strategy game where you are controlling antibodies in an alien life-form’s body to attempt to save its life.

Traintiles: $.99 This puzzler wants you to become the best engineer!  It looks pretty cute, your kids may like it.

Splash!!!: $.99 In this physics-based puzzler, you have to help a young panda find his rubber duckies…I love pandas!!!

Jelly Jumpers: Free If you like jumping games like Doodle Jump, you’ll probably like this too.

And that’s it gang!  Hopefully you’ll find something new to whet your appetite.  If you have any questions, just want to shoot the shit, or have a specific iOS game you want me to review, email me at:  I’ll see you next week!

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