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Gaming On The Job #2: Walking With the Dead

Posted on July 28, 2012 AT 01:22pm


Hey Gang!  If you hadn’t already figured it out…yes, the big story of the week is The Walking Dead game releasing on iOS.  This has been a personal, long-awaited release, and I am excited to see what the differences are (if any), between this version and the console/PC version.  Aside from The Walking Dead, we also see the release of a promising dungeon-crawler, a new tactical RPG, similar to the excellent, Battleheart, and the return of a classic, among others.

So enough with the anticipation, let’s see what this week has to offer us.


Car Toons!: $.99/$1.99 HD

This is a Rescue Squad physics-based puzzler that claims, “There’s always one gallon left for justice!”  If nothing else, the trailer for this is hilarious, check it out.


Epic Raiders: Free

Gamevil took a stab at making a Battleheart clone, adding multi-player, among other features that the venerable Battleheart does not offer.  I’ve had a chance to play with this a little bit on my iPhone.  The game is gorgeous, but the controls are a little iffy…it may be better suited to the iPad (just like Battleheart is), and it remains to be see how invasive the IAP is.  However, if you loved Battleheart, pick this one up and try it out for yourself.


Blazing Star: $2.99

A blast from the past, NeoGeo, arcade shooter.  This version includes a Mission Mode, where you can choose what stage you want to play so that you can train yourself, alongside the normal Arcade mode.


Flick Champions World Edition: $.99

This looks like a good tie-in with the Summer Olympics going on.  You get to flick your way through 8 different sports, including running, volleyball, kayaking, the hammer throw, and javelin, to try and win the gold!


Orc: Vengeance: $2.99

Alright, listen, if you like dungeon crawlers at all; stop reading this, and press buy right now.  This is the first dungeon crawler that I have played on iOS that controls as splendidly as it looks.  That in addition to the fact that this universal app seamlessly saves your game to the cloud and downloads your save to whatever iOS device you are using at the time, with no hassle to you, makes this a Must Buy.


Shellrazer: $.99

Okay, how to describe this…  Well, there’s a big turtle with big guns on his back, and you equip him with more big guns as you rescue your buddies and recruit those dudes to your cause…yeah, that sounds about right.


Spy vs. Spy: $.99

This is an HD remake of the classic action strategy game.  In addition to the HD version, the app includes a retro mode for those of you who want to be nostalgic.  This edition includes local and online multi-player support, and 16 new embassies.


Worm vs. Birds: $.99

Well, we sure aren’t sick of Angry Birds clones, are we?  You know what this is, proceed accordingly.


Magic Wingdom: Free

Dungeon Raid + Farmville?  This colorful puzzler looks interesting.  Check it out.


Slydris: $1.99

This puzzler looks quite a bit like Tetris.  So if you have the need to make some lines, press buy.


The Walking Dead: Episode 1: $4.99

And last, but absolutely not least, the big one, Telltale’s interactive story set in Robert Kirkman’s uber popular, post-apocalyptic, zombie universe.  I have played the PC version and can attest to its greatness.  The only thing that remains to be seen now is how the controls and frame-rate hold up in this mobile version.  We shall certainly find out.


And there we have it.  I hope you found some things to spend your hard-earned money on this week to feed your addiction; I know did.  So until next week, happy touching!

As always, you can reach me at for any questions or comments.

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