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Gaming Under the Influence #5 ~ August 2nd 2012

Posted on August 2, 2012 AT 04:56am

NOTE FROM THE WRITER: I’d like to regret to inform you that due to my busy schedule and presently QuakeCON, I am unable to provide you with this video show for a few weeks. What does that mean for you? If you find me at QuakeCON (and you’re of age), I will buy you a beer as an apology! I go by the name KenCo12, and you can easily spot me there!

One thing a lot of the adults have learned is that when you grew up, your Mountain Dew’s and Bawls Energy Drinks have turned into beer and Jack & Coke’s. A lot of us still play the party games, but things have progressed from the days of Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo. Welcome to the world of Gaming Under the Influence, where we introduce you to some craft beers, interesting drink concoctions, and video games that you can turn into drinking games.

Each week we will concentrate on a system and rotate it every week between all consoles and of course PC games. This week we will be branching into a fun indy game that turns it from single player, to multi-player.


Week #5 Game- Super Meat Boy

As many players as you want.  Follow the rules, grab many beers, and watch your friends die, and die, and die again

  • Rule #1- You have 10 tries to finish a level, if you cannot finish the level, you must hand over the controller.  Every time you hand over the controller, you must take a drink
  • Rule #2- If you are on deck, and someone finishes a level, you must take a drink
  • Rule #3- If you hand off the controller and the person finishes the boss level, you must take the loser shot


Week #5 Concoction- 7 & 7

Easiest way to recollect this drink is if you go back and watch Saturday Night Fever or The Goodfellas.  Mixing 7up (or any other form of lemon/lime soda), and Seagrams 7.  Obviously you can use any other form of whiskey, but the drink name ’7 & 7′ came from mixing those two ingredients.  2 shots of whiskey per 12 oz can of 7-up



Week #5 Loser Shot- Boilermaker
A shot of whiskey dropped into a beer.  Simple ‘bomb’ style of drink, let’s just hope the person in front of you isn’t really good!!!

Week #5 Beer- Half Acre – Meat Wave

English IPA, one very hard to come by, but was able to try it at the Chicago Beer Festival last year.  Definitely one for you to check out if you can get hold of it, enjoy, and if not, just don’t drink Bud Light!

That will do it for this week do it today. We want you to drink responsibly and always have a place to crash or a designated driver if you intend on drinking too much. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @RadioInfluence for updates on everything beer, gaming, wrestling, and sports, and also follow the site at @DigitalNoob_Com for all updates on everything nerd!

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