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Gaming Under the Influence ~ Rock Band / Guitar Hero

Posted on September 20, 2012 AT 08:00am

NOTE FROM THE WRITER: We are going to work on doing this weekly series adding a once a month video. If you have any suggestions for games you want to see, e-mail the writer at Ken@DigitalNoob.com

One thing a lot of the adults have learned is that when you grew up, your Mountain Dew’s and Bawls Energy Drinks have turned into beer and Jack & Coke’s. A lot of us still play the party games, but things have progressed from the days of Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo. Welcome to the world of Gaming Under the Influence, where we introduce you to some craft beers, interesting drink concoctions, and video games that you can turn into drinking games.

Each week we will concentrate on a system and rotate it every week between all consoles and of course PC games. This week we are introducing the music catagories with the four player (or more) versions preferably. Guitar Hero and Rock Band folks!!!!!!!

Week #12 Game-Rock Band / Guiar Hero

Play with 4 or more, and the more the merrier (and sober)
Rule #1- Start with four friends, each person playing an instrument. Choose a song at random.
Rule #2- The player with the lowest score must take a shot (and if there are more people, removed from the band).
Rule #3- After each song (or set), switch instruments. Let everyone have a chance to fail at singing or the drums (or piano)
Rule #4- Drink responsibly

Week #12 Concoction- Frank Sinatra’s Favorite ~ Jack Daniels ~ Straight

No need for mixers, just balls. Jack Daniels poured in a glass of ice. Sip, and enjoy. Don’t pound it!

Week #12 Loser Shot- It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere
To stay with the trend of shots, and going from a delicious whiskey, let’s go to a not so delicious vodka. 5 o’clock vodka is probably the worst experience I have ever had. I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies, but definitely on the punk that messed up my game of Rock Band! So cheers to you, I suggest drinking it quick!

Week #12 Beer- Browar Okocim S.A. ~ O.K. Beer

While listening to Sinatra while writing this, the song Beer Barrel Polka came on, a 1939 recording with Harry James. So I thought to myself, why not a good Polish beer! OK Beer is an interesting Euro Pale Lager which has a higher ABV than most American Pale’s. This adjunct lager gives you a better malt liquor tasting, and not for those who dislike all adjuncts period. Give it a shot, and you may want to go try some of those older beers you parents used to talk about!

That will do it for this week do it today. We want you to drink responsibly and always have a place to crash or a designated driver if you intend on drinking too much. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @RadioInfluence for updates on everything beer, gaming, wrestling, and sports, and also follow the site at @DigitalNoob_Com for all updates on everything nerd!

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