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Gaming Under The Influence September Movie Special ~ Billy Madison

Posted on September 27, 2012 AT 12:04pm

NOTE FROM THE WRITER: We are going to work on doing this weekly series adding a once a month video. If you have any suggestions for games you want to see, e-mail the writer at

One thing a lot of the adults have learned is that when you grew up, your Mountain Dew’s and Bawls Energy Drinks have turned into beer and Jack & Coke’s. A lot of us still play the party games, but things have progressed from the days of Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo. Welcome to the world of Gaming Under the Influence, where we introduce you to some craft beers, interesting drink concoctions, and video games that you can turn into drinking games.

The last Thursday of every month is the MOVIE SPECIAL!  While there are plenty of games to drink to, you shouldn’t just be playing video games.  Time to watch a movie classic, or a comedy favorite, and enjoy.

This week we are celebrating ‘Back to School’ by watching a comedic classic.  Billy Madison is the story of a drunk and disorderly son of a hotel empire, who was recently informed that he will not be inheriting his father’s business.  To prove his worth, Billy Madison vows to go back to school, starting from 1st grade all the way through High School, and earn his diploma.  Starring Adam Sandler, Darren McGavin, and former Miss USA Bridgette Wilson-Sampras.

Week #13 MOVIE-Billy Madison (Back to school, back to school, to prove to daddy that I’m not a fool)

1 Drink- Every time Billy passes a grade, you must take a drink

2 Drinks- Any time you hear “O’Doyle Rules”, you must take a drink

3 Drinks- Any time there is a flaming bag of dog poop, you must finish your drink

FINISH YOUR BEER-Anytime the clown on stilts appears

Week #13 Concoction- Boy Am I Glad I Called That Guy (long name, delicious drink)


Based on the storyline, Billy Madison realizes he was a bully back in his high school days, and calls Steve Buscemi’s character, Danny McGrath, and apologies for the way he treated him.  This drink is originally named “A Bit of Bully”.  1 oz of Amaretto, 1 oz of Cognac, 1 oz of Bailey’s Irish Cream, 1 oz of crème de cacao dark, 1 part creamer, and a scoop of chocolate ice cream.  Very sweat drink, guaranteed to give you an instant cavity!

Week #13 Beer- Bully! Porter ~ Boulevard Brewing Company


This American style porter out of this Missouri brewer is one that is smooth, fulfilling, and at 5.2% ABV, definitely one drink you don’t want to have too many of.  Goes best with a cold glass, the taste of roasted malts, dark chocolate, and a little bit of coffee flavor allows for you to have the perfect blend for a porter, without being too overtaking.  Smells great, tastes greater!

That will do it for this week do it today. We want you to drink responsibly and always have a place to crash or a designated driver if you intend on drinking too much. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @RadioInfluence for updates on everything beer, gaming, wrestling, and sports, and also follow the site at @DigitalNoob_Com for all updates on everything nerd!

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