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Grab These Hairy Balls

Posted on October 9, 2012 AT 06:22pm

Go ahead snicker a little at the thought of playing with your hairy balls I know I did. Now is one time it is acceptable to play with your balls in public. Go ahead hold them in your hand fondle them and flick them a bit, no one will mind. Basically in the game your goal is to guide your balls to the “Agaricus Dingdongalus,“ commonly called Ding-Dong mushrooms. Players will enjoy the brightly colored balls there are red, purple, yellow and, yes, blue hairy balls (which could be disturbing to some) .

“We spent a lot of time tweaking Hairy Balls to ensure a balanced experience.” said Chris Mosely, CEO, REDTRIBE. “The response has been surprising. People can’t wait to get their hands on them and have a play.  Early tests indicate that the game is quite challenging.  The Flurry stats (game stats) indicate people are playing the game for hours and hours, day after day. Once you start playing with Hairy Balls it seems you can’t stop.”

Now that your mind has completely been delved deep inside the muck of the gutter take a second to pull it back out. Give yourself a chance to go play the free game and don’t be shy about playing with your hairy balls. Soon maybe hairy balls will be the talk of school lunch tables and the water coolers at work. Seriously just grab a pair and enjoy this puzzling fun romp with these round hairy beauties.

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