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Green Day’s New Single “Oh Love” [Music]

Posted on July 19, 2012 AT 07:22am

I was a little skeptical upon hearing the title of Green Day’s latest single, “Oh Love”. The single’s name sounded too sensitive and not at all like the Green Day premier track I was expecting. Granted, I figured “F*ck Time”, another track from the upcoming album Uno!, would not be making it’s way to the airwaves anytime soon. But is sensitive and Green Day really so strange? Wasn’t “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) the banner track for all farewells that happened in the 90s?

“Oh Love” opens up with a single guitar, a punchy rhythm, and a man who is throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best. Frontman Bille Joe Armstrong pleads for love to come to him and for life not to pass him by. With lyrical imagery such as “My heart is on a noose”, you can’t help but know that feel, bro. The song is simple and catchy, but that’s the band’s recipe for success! Like it or not, you listen to this song once and you’ll be humming it for the next hour at least. The chorus chimes in with, well, a chorus of harmonies complete with drums, bass, and distorted guitars. Ahh, that’s the Green Day fans were expecting! Green Day purists may not like it because it’s not punk. American Idiot fans may not like it because it’s not part of a larger story. But at the end of the day, it’s the kind of song that will get a stadium on it’s feet in a 30,000 strong sing-a-long!

“Oh Love” dropped on Tuesday and is the first single of the three album trio that the band is putting out. Uno! will be available on September 25th, Dos! is out on November 13th, and Tre! will be in stores January 15th. That’s one new Green Day album every 2 months.

To pre-order the albums or listen to “Oh Love”, go to www.GreenDay.com now!

About the Author: Laura has many varied interests outside of video gaming. Other hobbies and areas of obsession include: hiding her Boston accent, singing, Metallica, The Walking Dead, Iron Man, Green Day, The Boondock Saints, tattoos, Pomeranians, and the paranormal. Follow Laura on Twitter: @DN_VampPMS

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