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Hands-On With FORGE

Posted on August 10, 2012 AT 10:20am

This week I was able to check out FORGE firsthand, and it is definitely one of the top games I’m anticipating the release of. It takes the best things of MMOs (the PvP), Shooters (in your face action) and MOBAs (the even playing field) and mashes them together in a great way.

While meeting with Tim and Matt, we spoke a lot about MMOs. As someone who reviews games and participates in a lot of Betas, I often start a game before it’s out, or before my friends get a chance to pick it up. By the time they level and can play with us, I have some new set of gear or got tired of the game in general. This problem is completely avoided with FORGE because of the level playing field.

FORGE will be released with five classes (Pyromancer, Pathfinder, Shaman, Warden, and Assassin) but seven more will be unveiled and released over time. Each class is very unique and has nine abilities they can use to fight. Lack of levels, gear, or a rune/mastery type system makes the game purely skill based. A player will not have an advantage simply because they’ve been playing more often or started playing earlier.

Even for being in Alpha, the game is beautiful. The development team has put a lot of detail and time to create fun, diverse maps for players. The gameplay is smooth, and the UI is clean. The key binding defaults are well thought-out, but can be changed in the settings tab.

The classes are well designed, balanced, and the skill animations look great. There is a faction system in the game, but unlike MMOs, being a different faction does not prevent players from playing together or helping one another. For the initial launch there will be one available faction, but as the game progresses, factions will be  a choice of aesthetics, lore, and more deeply meaningful things, but will never choose your enemies and allies for you.

The game will launch with four maps, with more released in the future. Everything from dense forests with catwalks between trees to stalk your prey to city ruins is represented, and the maps don’t feel alike. Unlike many games, each map will have more than one playable game type per map (being able to do King of the Hill and Capture the Flag on the same map, etc). I think it’s a great way of utilizing the game environment and keeping the game fresh.

FORGE is going to be released on PC later this year. Want to help fund this fantastic project? Dark Vale has set up a Kickstarter for it. I admit that I was skeptical at first, but after meeting with the guys and spending some time testing out the game, I’m a believer.

If you want to check out the Kickstarter, register for Closed Beta access, or learn more about FORGE, go to No, seriously. Do it now.

In the meantime, I will keep you up to date on all FORGE news and progress, and look for my gameplay videos in the future.



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