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Harley Quinn’s Revenge Review

Posted on May 31, 2012 AT 03:02pm

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to blame. When it comes to Harley Quinn’s Revenge, the new DLC for Arkham City, even I feel a little at fault. With the polish in both Asylum and City, I expected something robust, something I could not only sink my teeth into, but that I could mull over and think about after. Something philosophical, even. It’s what I convinced myself Rocksteady was capable of. But, then I remembered, this is their first attempt at an added storyline. The DLC itself contains and discusses spoilers from the main game, and so, this review will as well. If you’ve not finished Arkham City (first of all, SHAME on you,) refrain from reading further.

Okay? Are you gone? Cool.

The problem with adding a story to the end of Arkham City is that it is already somewhat hollow. All of the bad guys from the game have been subdued and the Joker, definitely one of the highlights of the game (if not the best part,) is no more. Rocksteady has forced Harley Quinn into an Atlas position by placing the entire DLC on her shoulders. And though Harley is totally cuckoo, even she admits that she’s no Joker.

You start off as Robin, which is a very welcome change of pace. Finally, he is free from the confines of challenge maps and has the chance to really show his skills. Batman has gone missing and he’s here to find him. Gameplay as Robin is pretty great, he has his own unique set of gadgets, including a shield and a tiny zipline that allows for quick kicks. However, the new gear can only get you so far, as there are some VERY large fights, and the DLC itself is quite difficult and sometimes frustrating. In fact, sometimes it feels like it’s all just an elaborate challenge map. But if you’re worried you’ll be playing only as Robin, do not fret, as you still play as Batman for a decent portion.

If you don’t lollygag, the new content can be beaten in probably a little under an hour – a truly poor total time for a ten dollar purchase. I think most of my disappointment stems from the lack of anything important happening story-wise. In fact, they’ve written themselves out of the ONE interesting leftover from the main game. Ten minutes into HQR, you find that she is in fact not pregnant. Just like that. Which is the worst case of non-news I’ve ever seen in a game, and unfortunately, it’s the ONLY seemingly “important” point made (though it truly isn’t even a big deal.) The rest of the DLC is spent exploring how Harley and Batman are both mourning the Joker.

I don’t know who the culprit is here, truly. Is it me for expecting a Bioware/Bethesda calibur experience? I think it is, a little. But really, shame on them because we all know they are capable of such a thing. At the end of the day, it is not worth the ten dollars, and I don’t think I’d even recommend it were it seven.

SCORE: 5.0

The Good: Robin gets a chance to shine and is very fun to play.

The Bad: The length does not justify the price.

The Ugly: Next to nothing is added to the story, and is in general very blasé.

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