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Hero Academy + Team Fortress 2 Team Details revealed!

Posted on July 21, 2012 AT 10:16pm

If you haven’t played Hero Academy yet…you are wrong, and need to correct that problem.  Seriously.  And now, Robot Entertainment, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to release the details for the upcoming Steam version of the game, and Team Fortress 2 integration.  I have to tell you, this is exciting!

Per the norm with the release of a new team, the new Team Fortress 2 team will come with TF2 avatar packs and a new playing field inspired by the capture-the-flag map from TF2.  In addition, all of the previously released teams that you buy on the Steam version of the game will net you unique cosmetic items in Team Fortress 2.  Can anyone say, “New hats?!”  Hero Academy will be available on Steam on August 8, 2012, so get ready to hit Add to Cart.

 Team Fortress 2 Heroic Team Details

“From a distant land and time beyond the Clouds of Vapor, the Team Fortress heroes have taken the Hero Academy field by storm.”

Team Bonus: Relentless Action- Stomping enemies grants an action point. (Excellent!)

  • Spy- A cloaked unit who cannot be targeted at range.  The Spy deals massive damage when attacking an enemy from behind.
  • Scout- A fast moving recon hero; Players gain an AP when deploying the Scout.  The Scout automatically hops backwards when hit by an opponent.
  • Sniper- The Sniper can target enemies anywhere in his row.  At the end of your turn, the Sniper crouches.  If he remains unscathed until your next turn, the Sniper gains increased power on his next shot.
  • Medic- The Medic heals and revives allies.  He can link to a full-health ally to increase their power.
  • Engineer- A defensive hero with a basic ranged attack.  The Engineer can upgrade allies’ weapons.
  • Heavy- The Heavy does AOE attack at range.  Every successive attack deals more damage as his mini-gun spins up.
  • Pyro- He does full damage to two enemies in a row.  The Pyro’s attack can hit cloaked Spies.
  • Demoman- The Demoman lobs grenades that do AOE damage.  He does bonus damage when attacking crystals.
  • Soldier- The Soldier is a ranged hero.  He uses powerful rockets to knock enemy units back.

And there you have it gang.  I’m excited, you’re excited; now we just have a couple of weeks to wait.  The TF2 team looks a little overpowered to me; hopefully Robot will buff/revise the previous teams a little…I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


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