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How to Get Better Performance Out of a Gaming Machine

Posted on June 30, 2012 AT 07:16pm

Having lived the life of a full-time college student, or what I like to call “broke”, I understand that keeping your gaming rig up-to-snuff isn’t always an option. Here are a few simple and some not-so-simple tips that may help your gaming performance. Follow any of the tips that you feel comfortable with and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I’ve ordered them based on the benefits I’ve seen, so the bigger benefits are at the top.

Lower the Game’s Video/Audio Settings
Generally, the easiest and most effective step is the simplest one. Go into the settings of your game (usually by hitting the Esc key) and find the video settings. Find any settings that in the mid to upper range  and lower them. If there are any checkboxes, uncheck them unless the game instructs otherwise. You can also look up the terms for the settings that you are changing, many of them are common terms used in the game community and can be explained to you. I also suggest looking at the sound settings page because there are often subtle enhancements that can be disabled to increase performance.

Change Windows Advanced Settings
Note: This step is for Windows Vista and 7 users only
Changing your Windows environment to look and perform more like Windows 2000 is another way to increase performance. Navigate into “My Computer” and click the “System properties” button near top of the window. In the following window look for and click the “Advanced system settings” link on the left. In the new window, find and click the first “Settings…” button under “Performance.” In this third window you’ll see a large list of checkboxes of different settings that you can adjust. Note: remember which are checked in case you want to change your settings back. If you click the radial button “Adjust for best performance,” Windows will reconfigure your settings so that Windows itself is using up as little resources as possible. This is a great way to increase your gaming capacity.


For Advanced Users: Write a .BAT File to Run Your Game As High Priority
You can write a small command file that will start your game/program in “High Priority” mode (which means that it gets to use more of the CPU and should run faster.) You can do this by following these steps. Open up Notepad.exe and type the following without the brackets:
@echo off
start /high [YOUR GAME].exe
The italic part should be replaced with the appropriate information. For example, if I wanted to right a .bat file to help me run World of Warcraft (like I did in college.) It might look like this:

Once you are done, you save the files as [NAME].bat (Note: it can’t be a .txt file). After it’s saved, when you double click the .bat file the game should start up.

There are even more steps that you can take to increase your performance: some more complicated, some more risky, some that are game specific. Do your best to verify the information you find online before using it.

Hopefully this will help your games’ performance.


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