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I Am MT: Card Battle [PC] Review

Posted on June 5, 2013 AT 07:34am

Players into card genre games will feel right at home with I Am MT: Card Battle. Play styles of the game are similar but vary enough to keep your interest. Based off a television show that follows a group of World of Warcraft players and their antics. If you have played any other card based games in the past pick up should be simple enough. Priced at something everyone can afford giving the game at least a passing try should not hurt. Who knows you might like it.

I am MT: Card Battle, one of the most successful overseas iOS titles with more than six million monthly active users in Asia, has no come to North America. Players will find and collect more than 500 cards as they conquer dungeons and defeat powerful bosses. Cards can be evolved with experience into more powerful versions. I am MT: Card Battle has both PvE and PvP action.


Daily Rewards and Events: Take up quests to gain rewards to further empower your deck.

Friends with Benefits: Test out your friends cards in battle to learn their secrets and master other players’ tactics.

PvP Ladder: Climb the ranks and prove you’re the ultimate MT Card Battler.

Beginning the game you choose between three different classes, so to speak. Choices are a druid, a warrior, and a priest. Starting with a tutorial the game ease you into battle just before the actual game starts. Creating a team of five you want to add the strongest cards to your deck, one card will be leader. Awarded bonuses will depend on the card you have actually picked to be leader. Bonuses such as a better defense rate or higher strength to defeat enemies quicker will be awarded. Dungeons are the only thing starting players are allowed to battle in to gain cards. Inside of dungeons players will be able to collect new cards for their decks. Also while perusing the dungeons players will be able to gain experience points which in turn will help level characters. Money and new items will also be able to be earned. Completion of one dungeon will usually unlock the next in a set but some dungeons do require you to be a certain level to enter. As you level up more options for the leader of the group will become available such as new skills for the academy mode. Players that do get tired of the constant dungeon crawl will be allowed to face others at level 35. Each card has a level that it is set at but fusion of two different cards will allow them to strengthen. After maximum level cap has been reached you can then use different items and loot found through out the dungeons.

Graphically the game does not have too much it can do to draw players in. Working with what it does have gamers may be surprised. Sadly there is not much that I Am MT could change to make graphics really pop anymore. I did enjoy that, as far as graphics, it was not dark and gloomy. Cards as well as backgrounds felt bright and cheery with colors that popped. Added into the mix was a cheery feeling soundtrack that would fit any Pokemon or Digimon type show. Upbeat music that continued to add to the actual game play feel overall. Offering in the music side of the game felt like it was right in line with any of the other card type games. Cheery upbeat melodies kept the game playable for longer periods you felt like the beats were intoxicating enoug

If you enjoy a good card based game you should feel happy with this title. Though nothing new is brought to the table the overall game is fun. Leveling up mixed with dungeon crawling will keep you busy enough. No worries about paying for it as it is free. I would say give this a try it may surprise you how much is involved. Also W.O.W players may find some things that have a very familiar feel to them.
For more information and support: http://iammtgame.com - http://mta.locojoy.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pocke…41602185918453
Twitter: https://twitter.com/locojoy_games
Itunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/i-am-mt-card-battle/id594389292?mt=8

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