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id Software Shelves All Mobile Development to Work on Doom 4

Posted on August 9, 2012 AT 11:51pm

Late last week, id Software announced that they would be stopping all mobile game development until Doom 4 is out the door. Nobody is sadder about this than id’s co-founder John Carmack:

“I love doing the mobile work – taking that time, spending a month, a year or something working on a mobile project,” he said.

“It was looked at as something that, yes, this is fun, this is fun for the company and it’s entertaining and it makes money, but it’s not a grand slam sort of thing on there. The Bethesda family really is about swinging for the fences.”

Carmack believes the mobile platform has a lot to offer when it comes to gaming, so he’s made it abundantly clear that they’ll be returning to mobile space once the next wave of hellspawn is unleashed.

“I hope we get back to mobile in various ways in the future,” he said, “but the big real aim is blockbuster, AAA titles, and for id that means Doom 4, it means that we get the whole company behind that after we get Doom 3: BFG Edition out the door. Essentially, everybody will be focused on Doom 4 as a project.”

As for Doom 4‘s release date? Carmack had this to say:

“Every decade there will be a Doom, but hopefully we can do better than that.”

At least that’s more often than Duke Nukem comes to play.

Bryan Todd [aka DieselBT] -- This is where I'm supposed to say something clever about myself. Let's pretend I did, and it conveniently mentions all of my top interests, such as anime, video games, crazy gadgets, electronic music, voice acting, sound editing, and countless other ridiculously fascinating topics. I also like to write stuff about things, which is why I'm here.

...That, and I like your shirt.

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