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IndieStand- Make Your Own Payment Plan

Posted on September 26, 2012 AT 08:59am


Humble Bundle a completely unique format allowed users a chance to pay what they wanted to play new games. Well established in the platform new games are regularly added to the newer bundles. Games were mostly ones that had been well established and received. Users would find that they may have had 2 of the 4 games already that were part of the bundle. Time for a new idea to enter the fray where indie games will get some time to shine. 96 hours or 4 days whichever way you put it nets you a chance at a new indie game experience. Say hello to where you can pay what you want to pick up a new fun indie game. In the process you can donate 10 percent to charities making the purchase worth opening your wallet.

Featured for this period is MagicalTimeBean’s Escape Goat a fun twist on  puzzle-platformer. Hurry though as you are on a time limit to pick up this fun indie game. IndieGameStand can decide what they pay for Escape Goat but have some perks for beating the average price. Beating the average price nets you a free MP3 soundtrack, and anyone who pays a dollar or more receives a code to unlock the game on Desura. Developer MagicalTimeBean has selected the American Red Cross to receive 10% of the proceeds from this 96-hour sale.

Escape Goat finds a headstrong goat and his crafty mouse pal confined in the Prison of Agnus for the crime of witchcraft — help them outwit the dungeon’s infernal traps, puzzles, and machinery to escape! This creative puzzle-platformer boasts nostalgic 8-bit graphics, a catchy soundtrack, and clever physics-based gameplay spanning 100 unique rooms. Plus, a built-in a level editor lets players build and share their own maniacal creations

To learn more about IndieGameStand and get Escape Goat for whatever you choose to pay, visit IndieGameStand’s next featured game will be revealed September 30, at 12:01am Eastern time (04:01 GMT).

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