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Interview with Gary Delfiner

Posted on March 20, 2013 AT 08:05am

I had a chance to sit down with Gary Delfiner a man of many talents when it comes to movies and distribution. Gary though quickly brought to my attention that movies are his first love but he is looking to branch out. We talked about his current ventures in the field of movies. We also got down to talking about the possibility of future endeavours into gaming with the possible movie tie ins. It was a delight to get to learn about Popcornflix and FrightFlix his two big ventures currently. He is the president of Screen Media Ventures which has a far and wide reach for distribution.

You have heard of services like Hulu, Netflix and other streaming boxes like Roku. Say hello to a new player in the field Popcornflix. Similar to other streaming services for the most part but what makes it different is Free content. Here is my sit down with Gary Delfiner and his take on what Popcornflix is and what he has to offer.


  • Me: Who is Gary Delfiner in his own words?
  • Gary: Hello my name is Gary Delfiner I am the President of Screen Media Ventures LLC


  • Me: What exactly is Popcornflix?
  • Gary: Popcornflix  is what home viewers expect in terms of content from an online movie delivery service. Full length with full featured films all for the best price we could offer. FREE!! You can find our services in some of your favorite places such as online, on your ios devices and soon to be Android. We are also working on connecting our services with more internet connectable televisions.


  • Me: How vast is the current Popcornflix library?
  • Gary: Our catalog is always growing currently at about 650 titles. We are acquiring new titles monthly.
  • Me: How does PopcornFlix acquire new titles? How often do you update?
  • Gary: Always on the lookout for new and hot titles. Currently the site is adding up to 15 movies per month. If the need arises there is room to add more.
  • Me: Do you have any plans to acquire new movies?
  • Gary: New titles are always on our mind and how we can apply them to the viewership. Our outlook is if there is a fan base we can cater to them. As we grow we know that not only movies can benefit from this form of distribution.
  • Me: Any future plans in the works that you would like to share?
  • Gary: We have a lot of things in the works such as an action channel, fight channels and a Spanish channel. One of the untapped markets at least for us is the gaming crowd. As a distributor I always ask myself how I can tap into markets outside of my comfort zone.
  • Me: As far as the gaming field goes what would you like to implement?
  • Gary: I would love to start mainstreaming first of all our services networking with gaming sites. In the near future our main goal would be to start implementing movies mixed with gaming. Offering a second screen experience where games tie in to movies and vice-verse.
  • Me: Any departing words for our readers?
  • Gary: Just that we are always expanding monthly if you have not yet checked out the site please do. We are always trying to better the viewer experience.


8840 Wilshire Blvd.,
Third Floor,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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