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It Takes a Community: The Game Dev Bundle

Posted on July 12, 2012 AT 04:20am

If you know anything about Reddit, you know that they’re a pretty big authority on games. Well now, they’ve decided to throw their hat in the ring.

It seems like every week there’s a new indie bundle hitting and every game out there has been in one of these sales at one point or another. Surprisingly, that’s not the case, and there are still dozens of really worthwhile titles that are being overlooked. A group of redditors decided to remedy this and they ended up putting together the ‘Game Dev Bundle’. The Game Dev Bundle is an indie bundle featuring titles created and selected by the Reddit community. If your source for indie games is bundles and Steam sales, you probably haven’t seen some of these games yet. It took seven months of hard work from a knowledgeable community that was aiming to put together a much more ‘indie’ experience, so the games are definitely worth checking out.

The games in the bundle are:

-          Astroslugs: A colorful, simple puzzle game where users have to fit different shapes onto a board

-          Auralux: An ambient, abstract RTS that’s simplified approach that still requires careful planning

-          Cardinal Quest: An arcade-style dungeon crawler that’s reminiscent of classics such as Gauntlet and Red-Box D&D

-          Girl With a Heart of: A dark interactive narrative where you must help a young girl stop the destruction of her town at the hands of sinister forces

-          Influence: A unique RTS in which you control the spread and influence of tiny particles or ‘ideas’

-          Pitman: A simplistic Roguelike with lots of content and an interesting take on the genre

The bundle features six pay-what-you-want games, with a seventh available to users who pay more than six dollars. The games are available as DRM-free downloads and buyers will be provided with Desura keys. 12% of the proceeds will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The bundle will be running for the next 2 weeks, check it out here.

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