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Journey: My Story (Spoilers)

Posted on May 20, 2012 AT 06:30pm

So before I made the leap to buy this game, I decided to check the internet and see what the initial reaction was. Now to say the reaction was positive is an understatement. I was seeing the words profound, moving, beautiful; pretty much every positive adjective. So I then indeed took the leap, chose to purchase and my goodness it was worth every penny. Let me take you on a Journey…

You begin at the bottom of small sand dune, you slowly make your way to the top and then like the curtain opening on a stage, you see world before you with a curiosity inducing mountain in the distance. My first thought was just WOW! This game seriously looks amazing, like a work of art. You could take any shot to have as a picture you could hang on your wall.

For a time I was enjoying the game, the puzzles were fun while still having some challenge to them. The environments kept changing, the story was being explained through cutscenes without anyone speaking which was clever as well as refreshing. So I was going through the game, wondering when I would see another player as I heard you can encounter other travelers. It was then I found someone running around an open expanse of desert, so I went over and pressed (O) to commune with them as this is the only way to do it. Although a word wasn’t said it was like we both knew that working together was the best option.

After a few puzzles and exploring we were greeted with what I can only describe as art in motion. We slid down a bank of sand, through ruins weaving in and out of each other. Then the camera changed, to have the mountain in the distance, the sunlight reflected off the sand and for those 30 seconds I was stunned by the visuals. It was really one of the most amazing things I had seen in any video game. The game has many good points but this definitely was one the great moments for me.

After some more exploring as well as one or two puzzles we came to what looked like old crypts, with creepy looking statues. Then bursting out of the sand, a great winged beast flew above us and we both didn’t move while this happened. As we made our way through the this area, there were glimpses of the creature but it wasn’t long until we realised they weren’t friendly. If they got us in their sights they dived towards us and hit us high in the air. This then removes part of the ribbon which allows the player to fly depending how long the ribbon is. The following areas, we explored on our guard aware that danger could be lurking around the corner.

What I did find surprising is that depending on whoever was attacked, the other waited to see if they were alright. This was amazing to feel this kind of loyalty to someone I had never spoken to but the only thing we had in common was this game. After the danger had passed there was a ray of light shining on a piece of ground in another area of these crypts, for no explainable reason we both just sat in it for some time like we deserved some rest. Yet another great moment of this, so far flawless game.

The next area had in it, a huge tower with strange cloth type creatures flying around. These creatures do help you in certain parts of the game and it makes you feel like you are being watched over by some higher being. The tower was broken into segments and you had to use the creatures to help lighten each segment which again just looked spectacular. The tower is climbed, the goal is now in your sights.

You have to scale the mountain you see at the beginning of the game, which can be quite the struggle. The winds fight you, the environment is hostile and those winged beasts have re-emerged. There isn’t much cover from the beasts so you have to time your moves carefully as they can at points, knock you back quite a bit so you will have to retrace your steps if you’re not careful. After much climbing we were separated and I knew the end was not too far away. I decided to get so far and wait, there was no sign of the other traveller. I then decided to go, was literally seconds away from completing the game and then as I looked back I saw a light flicker in the distance. It was them, flying towards me, I was so happy to see the other person who for a time I thought I had lost. We landed and started what I can only describe as dancing as well as flying around each other. I was really happy to see the other person and as the final scene of the game was playing I am not ashamed to say that I shed a little tear. I was totally overwhelmed by the game, It’s staggering how good it is.  This game had my full attention from the start and I recommend anyone to buy it, you will not be disappointed. I can’t thank the developers enough for this game and I would love to see a sequel.

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