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Level E [Anime] Review

Posted on January 16, 2013 AT 12:46pm

Level E quickly shows that it is not to be taken too serious right from the start menu. Viewers ears are drowned with a sugar induced coma pop type song. Continuing the theme the whole anime become a gag reel of goofy hilarious moments at the characters expenses. Chapter one introduces us to two of the characters a alien that crashes to earth and his soon to be room mate. Level E takes two things that are rarely combined sci-fi and comedy adding them to an anime equation. Viewers are sure to be delighted by the light heart fun filled comedy as it offers a few laughs.

Level E does offer up some crisp animation though not award winning it is enjoyable. Background animation is well developed while characters are aesthetically pleasing. There was no disappointment in the overall look of what Level E had to offer up to viewers. Character development is spot on offering up the most meat to the whole anime. Prince the main character becomes the center of attention. Prince Baka is more of the jester type while Yukitaka Tsutsui is more of a make level headed down to earth type character.

Story is not lacking but is seriously disjointed through out the anime making it hard to follow. Each segment is broken up by somewhat sub-segments offering up a different theme. These sub-segment themes sadly do not offer much to the overall enjoyment. Level E often tries to fall back on the jokes but they are very sporadic offering fleeting glimpses of laughs. Each little episodic adventure offers a bit of comedy through out the episode offering up a punchline type ending. All the comedy mixed in does offer up a nice bridge between the characters and story.

Sadly with only 13 episodes Level E never has time to fully develop what it could have been. Right when you feel as if you can fully sink into the comedy Sci-fi mix it feels as if you are ripped out. One good thing about such a short adventure is you can view it in one sitting or stretch it out if you so please. Level E will give you a few laughs along with a few puzzled moments all in all viewers should enjoy the experience.


Character development along with the sci-fi comedy formula gives Level E a nice edge. Unfortunately the edge wears off quickly and some of the flaws are recognized. Level E offers just enough uniqueness that the flaws do not too far overwhelm the viewing experience. If you are into quirky type comedy with a sci-fi twist you may be surprised by what Level E offers.

The Good: Overall an enjoyable Sci-fi comedy cross up

The Bad: Feels broken in story and feel at times

The Ugly: Short only 13 episodes

Score: 9

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