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Lost Girl Season 1 [DVD] Review

Posted on December 3, 2012 AT 05:15pm

When I was handed Lost Girl, I had no idea what to expect. I walked in knowing absolutely nothing and came out the other side a bit surprised by what I’d seen. Lost Girl tells the story of Bo (Anna Silk) a succubus with a mysterious past who teams up with a human thief named Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), to solve supernatural mysteries and find out as much as they can about Bo’s past. On the surface it appears to be jumping on the sexually charged fantasy genre that’s popular with shows like True Blood, but really it’s a fun and at times titillating mystery of the week series with a set of lead actors and a well developed world.

At the start of the first season Lost Girl feels confused. Not quite sure if it wants to draw fans in with a promise of sex and violence or be a unique buddy cop type show with sex as a main element, played up for humor. Bo’s nature as a succubus is that she feeds off the sexual energy of those around her and her whole life anyone she’s ever slept with has wound up dead. This has resulted in her being on the run most of her life. It isn’t until she meets Kenzi and a cop named Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) that she finds out there’s a whole world of people like her called “Fae”. The Fae are locked in a cold war with lines drawn between light fae and dark fae. Kenzi makes a choice not to join either side which gives her an opportunity to take on jobs from either side, which helps develop the show’s world more fully.

The heart of the show, especially in this season, is a love triangle between three of the main characters, Bo, Dyson and Lauren (Zoie Palmer), a human doctor aligned with the fae in the name of science. Creating a love triangle with an openly bisexual character (Bo) as the pivot point creates a lot of rather interesting tension and drama between the three characters. More believability comes out of the relationship as both Dyson and Lauren have things to bring to Bo. Dyson is a fae which means he can take the draining effects of sleeping with Bo, as well as heal her when she’s wounded or sick, something that happens quite a lot, and Lauren is a scientist who is working on a way to curb Bo’s appetite and help her surpress her desire to feed, opening her up to not only a real relationship with Lauren but anyone else as well. For the first time ever, Bo won’t kill the people she sleeps with.

With sex being such a prominent part of Bo’s character, it’s surprising how much it’s played up for laughs. There are awkward threesomes, the constant barrage of sexual nicknames flung at Bo from Kenzi and and the tension in the love triangle between Bo, Lauren and Dyson often comes off as humorous. In fact comedy is one of the strongest points of the show. Kenzi is always coming up with a new scheme or a way to get out of trouble which is often over the top and hilarious and Bo’s constantly trying to reign her in. The Bo/Kenzi relationship itself is fantastic as they each try to help each other out while neither of them is perfect. Bo tries to limit what a sticky fingered thief Kenzi is, while Kenzi is often pushing Bo to be the best she can be and seize the moment, especially when it comes to Dyson.

As for the cases that Bo and Kenzi tackle, they can be hit or miss, especially at the start, but get stronger as the season goes on. A personal highlight was a sorority house based episode where the “Kappa” house’s members are being devoured by a Japanese river sprite which also happens to be called a Kappa. This opened up their folklore to say that not only are western creatures like succubus, werewolves, trolls as canon but also eastern creatures as well, such as Kappa and Chinese body jumpers. With a large list of monsters to choose from, the show always has something new and interesting for Kenzi and Bo to tackle, often resulting in one of them rescuing the other. It can be rather formulaic at times, but that’s how this genre of show starts. It becomes incredibly accessible at first with a monster of the week story before tackling to the longer, multi-episodic arcs.

SUMMARY: Over all, Lost Girl is a series that will most likely be lost in the shuffle of supernatural tv that’s currently flooding the airwaves, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and take a trek through the world of Bo, Kenzi and the Fae underworld. It’s mythical take on the warring crime family story line is admirable and it’s delivery is fun. Definitely worth a rental

  • THE GOOD: The characters are all incredibly well thought out and the relationship between Bo, Dyson and Lauren is a seriously highlight
  • THE BAD: The acting isn’t top notch and the show’s first few episodes, especially the pilot aren’t the strongest outings I’ve seen, even in the genre.
  • THE UGLY: Some of the special effects are just down right terrible.

Score: 7.0

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