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Magrunner Dark Pulse [Steam] Review

Posted on June 25, 2013 AT 09:36pm

Technology meets the Cthulu Mythos as H.P. Lovecraft’s nightmarish writing comes to life. What starts out as a seemingly harmless training exercise will soon be thrust into much darker secrets. Players will find that the high-tech building where the training program is held will quickly descend into a foreign, perilous parallel universe. This new world is one straight from the Cthulhu Mythos, a strange land filled with sanity-shattering creatures imagined by H.P. Lovecraft. No longer will your training be a joy ride, you will need to use your skills as survival instincts.

Year 2050, Gruckezber Corporation picks a handful of bright young minds for a experiment with a new technology. Magtech, to be exact, placed in a revolutionary new facility they are to showcase the powers this new technology can bring. Opportunity of a lifetime soon turns to horror, as the death and destruction starts. Dax, one of the Magrunner candidates, soon learns that the death surrounding him shares a resemblance with past events. Adding a twist to the story Dax never expected, something or someone wants to kill him.

Gruckezber eventually started organizing scientific contests, helping to raise money for charities, creating new medicines, etc. One of their latest initiatives was to study the development of a new, clean source of energy meant to replace current sources in an industrial and commercial scale. After a few years of experiments and testing, the Mag technology was eventually developed. Gruckezber hopes this new technology will allow his company to grow from providing only online services and to take humanity to the stars. In order to promote the new technology and reveal it to the public, Gruckezber has lifted the veil on the deep space exploration program, which promotes talented potential astronauts from the populace.

Playing as Dax Ward, you are thrown into a world of puzzles through his eyes in a First Person point of view equipped with a revolutionary device straight out of science fiction books. Dax will quickly learn that he is equipped with a MagTech glove, which has some unique powers, and will come in handy soon enough. Two different streams of color can be emitted from the glove one being green and the other red. Players will quickly learn that two objects with the same color, like magnets, will attract. Though if you use a green object with a red object, they will quickly repel. Beginning tests in the game are simple challenges that will hinder you only for a few seconds. Do not write the game off, however, as the challenge does increase. Not only will you need knowledge of the actual fields of the magnetic pulse, but also perspectives of other objects in the relative area. Not all is as it seems though, you will soon learn of outside forces at work. Starting out with a few training modules, you will need to keep your wits about you when something quickly goes awry. Players will need to pool not only their skills, but speed, agility and smarts together to keep themselves alive. Though the first few levels seemed like a cake walk, about halfway through I found myself stuck trying to find the right solution to escape. It took some time, but a solution always arose at the last second.

Magrunner Dark Pulse had a perfect combination of cartoon type graphic styling mixed with dark undertones. Coloring was spot on especially when you had the game show you the exact polarity of the magnetic field. Multiple times I would have more than one thing magnetized only to be mesmerized by all the colors. On a few occasions I did find that the graphics lagged behind the motions the blocks created. This only caused a small hiccup, so it was only a minor annoyance. Graphically, the game really starts to shine after the training levels. You first come to see this as you start into the back story of the game. Magtech’s training facility starts to crumble which brings on the darkness of the game.

Magrunner Dark Pulse is the type of game you may not find yourself playing multiple times right after first beating it, but at some point you may return. Variety with ways to beat certain puzzles popped up in a few instances. Story was also a great drawing point into part of the lasting appeal. One thing that did bum me out a little was the lack of achievements. It was one drawback it seems like this type of game would fit hand in hand with some type of reward system.


Magrunner Dark Pulse was a game that portal fans and puzzle fans alike will be able to find themselves enjoying. Readers of the H.P. Lovecraft works will also very much enjoy what the game has to offer. When first starting the game, it feels like another run of the mill puzzle game, but it shines in the middle. Give the game a try you may be surprised at what it has to offer.

Grade B+

Pros: Difficulty of the puzzles does draw you in after getting the hang of the gameplay

Cons: Graphic glitches threw you off at times

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