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March of the Eagles [PC] Review

Posted on March 2, 2013 AT 12:53am

March of the Eagles is a strategy game not for the faint of heart or absent minded. Set down your gun and take up the pen, as you will lay out the strategies of war. Right from the start players will be not just placed on the battlefield but placed at the hearts of a nation. Can you handle both the war aspects without forgetting you have a country to run? March of The Eagles gives you balance though always keeps the strategy portion on your mind. You can put in a quick play through but an actual investment of time will be needed to get the full experience.

Story unlike some of the recent games is based on actual history. You are transported back to Napoleonic Europe from 1805 to 1820. Your nation combined with bordering nations are on the brink of war. Based in Europe you will take control of one of the super nations such as Great Britain, France Russia, etc… or a smaller counterpart. Opening the story up to the interpretation of how you want to unfold it. March of the Eagles is like a create your own story book where your choices further the story. How you play truly unfurls the story either in your favor or can be a blemish on your war report card.

If you haven’t guessed by now March of the Eagles is a strategy based game. You will be doing a lot of mouse clicking readying your nation for war. Sure you could rush into battle but a fog could shroud a massive army that you were unaware of. Each brigade has a general with unique skills and abilities so jumping the gun may not be in your best interest. Laying out a plan of attack will be in your best interest making sure you do not fall within the first skirmish. Even the smallest of foes could have an elite army that wipes you off the face of the battlefield. One option for the battle is to pre-set your troops behaviors and tactics but this can lead to bad results in the end. In your favor there is a tutorial that is in-depth but still only scratched the surface.  Challenge can be straight forward or you can dig in and ready for the long haul. Skirmish’s can take a few hours up to weeks depending on how much you want to put in.

Straight forward non-flashy layout but gets the job done. If you are looking for flashy in your face layouts and maps this is not for you. March of the Eagles made me feel like the board game Risk came to life in video game form. Graphics really are not present further then map layout and a few bells. It seems the whistles were left in the bag but it does not detract from the overall game play. Sound surely pushes the game to the precipice of feeling like your nation is about to go to war. Enjoyable was the overtone of the presence of war knocking on the door of my fledgling baby country. Epic orchestral sweeps make you immerse into the battle. Even with the lack of a graphical punch the sound gives you the punch to make up for that. Do not let the fact that graphics are flat deter you from enjoying the experience.

March of the Eagles teeters between being able to go the distance or fall to boredom. Well it does offer long play times depending on your play style it does border on overkill. With many different campaigns and countries to explore you will find yourself engrossed in battle. Serious strategy players will find that this fits right in the niche, while those that dabble may find themselves lost. Either way if you are looking for a deep rich experience it is offered in this title. With the addition of multi-player players may find a bit more to delve into. Instead of obliterating a computer opponent you have a real live challenge. When looking at this inclusion the lasting appeal and replay factor shoots from medium to high.

Score: 9/10

  • The Good: True Strategy where you feel like you are a true strategist
  • The Bad: Even after the tutorial the amount of learning can be overwhelming
  • The Ugly: Might not be for everyone, some people won’t give the game a chance

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