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MechWarrior Online – Frozen Warfare

Posted on June 28, 2012 AT 06:34pm

Well I woke up to an interesting little treat today folks. A new environment video has been posted for the upcoming MechWarrior Online title, this time the fight will take place in the middle of a massive snowstorm. Now this is a really cool idea, pun completely intended. Constantly changing visibility makes the scout mechs even more important than ever. Having to co-ordinate fire support from your heavy mechs to enemy targets while also keeping them safe from enemy ambushes will put a large emphasis on quick and effective recon.

The addition of a thermal scanner to detect the heat signatures in the frozen wasteland is an interesting change as well. Its use will cause players to make the tactical decision to reduce their line of sight for a sure target lock while at the same time making it easier for enemies to skirt around their line of sight and get the drop on them. I’m curious if we will be able to see weapons like flares and heat emitting decoys on this level to take advantage of the thermal scanner.

Despite the danger for the heavy mechs due to the reduced visibility, I think certain mechwarriors will love the slower heat build-up in their mechs. This environmental change will certainly cause many to alter their load outs to larger and more heavy hitting weaponry that is normally not viable in a match due to the rapid heat build-up. I’m not sure how much the movement impairment will work on them since I see the heavy mechs being used more for long range artillery on this map, though I suppose it would make escaping an ambush more difficult for them.

Anyways, MechWarrior Online is shaping up to be an awesome return to the MechWarrior Universe and I can’t wait to join one of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere. Well, at least until the Clan Wars.

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