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MobileKids [App] Review

Posted on February 23, 2013 AT 10:18am

Technology has become integrated into the family life both for adults and children alike. In years past seeing a 10 year old with a phone is nothing shocking. Unfortunately with this shift in the technology field safety as well has become an issue. How do parents give their children freedom without keeping them on a leash? Parents have a right to be able to keep their young ones safe but still let them be children. As they grow sometimes a watchful eye is necessary just for that little extra step of precaution. This is where MobileKids comes in to the picture. MobileKids is your safety net and sidekick when it comes to kids and phones.

MobileKids is not about an invasion of privacy but more of a birds eye view of what is going on. So what exactly will you have tool wise at your hands? Safety and monitoring tools run the gambit from data usage to being able to locate a child using GPS. One nice feature is the GPS feature can work on the child’s end too if something feels out of place or they just want to let mom and dad know they are safe.

  • Monitor Mobile Usage

Monitor how your children use their mobile phones
directly from your own phone. Get alerts if your child
starts communicating with new people, use their
phone during the night or download new apps

  •  Set The Limits You Feel Are Right

Define the limits you feel are right for your child’s
mobile phone usage. This way the phone can be
customized especially for your child depending on
age, maturity and needs.

  • Locate Your Child

Wonder where your child or his/her phone is? With
MobileKids you can locate the phone when you need
to. Your child will always be notified when the phone is

  • GPS Based Safety Services for your child

What if your child is in trouble, is worried to walk
somewhere alone or simply want to let you know
where he/she is? MobileKids gives your children
access to great safety services that they will love

Installing MobileKids was as easy as two steps and you were up and running in no time. First downloading the application onto the parent phone then following the instructions to connect to the child’s phone. Even for the technological impaired I feel that the steps were straight forward with an easy install.

Parents can use MobileKids with all handsets.
MobileKids apps are released for iPhone and Android,
but you can still access the app through your browser
on any other device by going to This online portal can
also be accessed through your computer.

**IPhone Users be aware** Due to some restrictions by apple over monitoring phones. Some features will not be readily available to you.

One worry for me even before I downloaded the application was the pricing. With so many unique features I was worried that I would find myself paying an arm and leg for the services. Lucky for me this was not the case. MobileKids offers up great pricing options that allow you to choose different options. With three tiers you have a basic free version, a bit more indepth middle version at $5.90 a month and lastly the whole package which will only set you back 59.50 for the year. Considering everything offered combined with piece of mind the pricing is worth every penny.

So what can you expect from MobileKids as far as the parent and child application goes? Again the goal is not to make the kids feel like you are invading their privacy but being an over-watching eye in the sky. Give yourself a peace of mind when it comes to your child. No Longer will you be left in the dark about Johnny or little Sissy’s whereabouts or usage of their phone

• Child App: Your child gets access to valuable safety services; an SOS alarm that notifies selected people of your
child’s location and that he/she needs help if activated, Follow Me enabling your child to ask you to walk with him/
her via live GPS tracing, and I’m Here enabling your child to easily let you know where he/she is.

• Parent App: Reports offer a birds eye view of what your kids are doing on their cell phones, and you even get
alerts when new apps are downloaded, new people enter into your child’s network or the phone is used at night.
Use Limits to define limits to what they can do on their phone, for example block it at night, set usage limits or
block certain apps. And you can of course locate your child’s phone directly from your own phone.

  • THE GOOD: Safety, Security, Tracking
  • THE BAD: Child may feel like you are too much in their life

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