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More Persona Stuff – UI This Time

Posted on June 25, 2012 AT 05:49pm

Most people expect press releases sent to media groups to be somewhat professional, especially when they want to show off something like their game’s UI; well not Atlus. I have to hand it to their PR guy, because no matter what they are paying him, it isn’t enough. Starting a press release off with, “ WE’RE BACK. JUST LIKE THAT. WE’RE ALL UP IN YOUR MONDAY AGAIN,” is just brilliant enough to get me to laugh and pay attention.

So Atlus is back with more Persona 4 Arena info today, and this time they are showing off their UI. Character selection screens, stage selection screen, pre-battle pages, post-battle taunts, button mapping screen within the character select screen, it’s all here and wrapped up in a neat package.

From the looks of things Atlus and Arc System Works are putting a lot of work into making the menus look pretty slick. The tarot card layout of the playable characters in particular looks really neat although not knowing much about the series I have to wonder why they don’t just use their names on the cards.

Either way Persona 4 Arena comes out on August 7th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There’ll be a pre-order bonus “Arranged Soundtrack” CD at select retailers while supplies last, although there’s a lot more info about that offer yet to come.

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