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Must Watch: BTOOOM! An Anime Made for Gamers

Posted on November 9, 2012 AT 07:56pm

What if you took Battle Royale/The Hunger Games and mixed with a super popular gaming series like Call of Duty? You’d have BTOOOM!, the latest anime from legendary studio MADHOUSE. Ryota Sakamoto is the series hero, a 22 year old slacker who lives with his mom, refuses to look for a job and spends all his time playing BTOOOM!, the hottest online game. After becoming one of the top 10 players in the world and the best player in Japan, Sakamoto finds himself on a tropical island with a satchel full of timed explosives and a strange gem in his hand. Before long he’s attacked by some one with similar explosives and he must find out why he’s there, why this man is trying to kill him and how to get off the island alive and who would be sick enough to turn the world’s most popular video game into a real life Death Sport.

What makes BTOOOM! work as a series is that it creates a fully fleshed out set of game mechanics that players on this island have to follow in order to survive. The ideas are simple. Each player has a set of bombs with different abilities. Some are mines, others are poisonous gas, some seek out their targe and all the players have a sonar ability as well. If you use your sonar to try and find another player they’ll feel that you’re looking for them so it has it’s disadvantages. But if you’re not moving, the sonar won’t detect you. You can also cancel out another players sonar with your own. This creates a very deadly cat and mouse game that is thrilling to watch, and would be even etter to play. The mechanics work so well in theory that it’s hard to see why this hasn’t become a game yet. The Manga and anime are both doing well in Japan so maybe in the near future we will see this game hit our consoles.

Right now the series is only 6 episodes into what is sure to be a pretty good sized run. You can sign up for a free two week trial at Crunchy Roll and catch up with the series, or wait a bit longer for the episodes to be available on a standard/free membership. You can even watch Crunchy Roll shows on your PS3 and Xbox 360. Below is the opening sequence for the show.

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