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MW3 Billets 9MM: Ammo For Your Ears

Posted on May 28, 2012 AT 12:47pm

With today’s mobile society, most of us use our phones for everything from gaming, to music player, to social media outlet, and everything in between, so having quality accessories for our phones is extremely important. Finding the best earphones can sometimes result in going through dozens of pairs before finally finding the ones right for your needs and lifestyle. Valuable qualities in headphones are durability, sound quality, and of course, style. The Billets deliver on all fronts.

Munitio outdid themselves with the packaging. The 9MM Billets arrived in a ‘slide out’ box decorated with a MW3 image. Once you pull out the inside ‘drawer’ you open the lid and are greeted with one of the snazziest packaging ideas I have ever seen. You will not just open this box and toss it. This is a keeper. Each ear bud has it’s own perfectly sized whole, there is a space for the earbud line, and a slot of the jack. Open that up, and there is a compartment underneath that contains a cool carrying case for your billets and this also houses the ear hooks. The Billets are not plastic. They are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and have 9MM engraved on the ear pieces. They look just like a 9MM bullet end, which is kind of cool. For the Call of Duty fan, the Billets have MW3 engraved on a metal piece decorating the cord.

From the first moment I put the MW3 Billets 9MM on, I was stunned by the amazing sound quality. I never knew you could that kind of amazing sound from earbuds. I listen to music constantly when I am at work and I play mobile games when I am out and about. The high tones were clear and distinct but kept at a level that keeps your ears protected from fatigue. The low tones were rich and the bass sounds intense. You hear just about everything you are meant to hear in every single song or game. They aren’t perfect but they are better than the average earphone and much better than what most people own. The ‘hollow point’ 9MMs are designed to deliver the sound directly to your ears, not everyone around you, and they do the job perfectly. The silicone earbuds come in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) so everyone will be able to have the perfect fit which is important to seal properly and reduce background noise interference. Munitio went one better, each size comes in two colors, green and black, for each size allowing owners to pick their preference. I always hate when companies only have the colored bud in one size and it’s usually the size that is too big for my ears. It was great having a choice and being able to make them more personal.

My job, not here at the site but my other job, is rough on headphones. I cannot count how many I have gone through in the past year. It is easy to catch the line on something and have the earphones pulled out of my iPhone or my favorite, have the line pulled away from the actual jack rendering the earphones useless. The description of the Billets stated these had a Kevlar coated, fabric line. The word fabric made me apprehensive. I had bought a fabric covered earbud before and though they were durable, when the line would rub against anything, like my clothing, I would heard this scratchy echo in the buds. Imagine my surprise when that didn’t happen with these. Though it says fabric, they look more like they are covered in rubber and they certainly are durable. The first night I used them, they got caught up and were ripped from my ears. My iPhone hit the floor (thank you Otterbox) and the Billets came out of the whole fiasco intact. Usually that is the kiss of death for my earbuds.

Since I use my iPhone for a music player, phone calls can be an issue. Standard earbuds do not allow me to answer a call with them in. I have to pull the jack from my phone so that I can hear the person on the other end and they can hear me. Munitio obviously thought this problem through and included an inline mic. The really cool thing about this mic, it controls my music player as well. There is a small button on the mic that lets me answer a call, fast forward through a song, or pause my music. It just takes a click or two and so easy to use. The mic has amazing noise cancelling. When I was talking on it, people commented on how clear it sounded and how they couldn’t hear anything that was going on behind me. Of course, being the mom of a toddler, that is a fantastic feature. No one wants to try to hear me over a baby.

The Billets are comfortable, ridiculously comfortable. The silicone covers are soft and mold to your ears. Don’t like just earbuds or maybe the included size options don’t quite fit? Munitio included clip on ear hooks you can use with the Billets. I did have a problem with the ear hooks, the same problem I have with 99% of all ear hooks, they are a little big for my ears. However, they are some of the most comfortable hooks I have ever had on and with a little angle adjusting, they sat on my ears well, if not perfectly.

I wish Munitio had included some sort of device to control the excess cord length, like a cord wrap that clips on the cord itself. There is plenty of excess cord and it hangs pretty low when I have my iPhone clipped to my belt. I ended up stuffing the excess in my pocket. The other small issue would be for someone wanting to use these for use in a music based career. Though the sound quality is fantastic, it isn’t completely perfect and there will be certain sound tones that aren’t going to be as clear. So if you need to be able to hear every little thing, you might want to invest in a professional grade headset.

Tech Specs:

  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance @1kHz: 16 Ohms
  • Sensitivity @ 1 kHz SPL @ 0.1V: 101dB
  • Microphone Freq Response: 50 Hz – 1600 Hz
  • Total Weight: 22 g
  • Cable length:120 cm

Overall, these are a great option for the average, or above average, music lover. The sound is solid, the mic works like a dream for calls and you’d be hard pressed to find a more durable set of earbuds. They are well worth the $69.99 price tag.


The Good: Durable, Quality Sound, Comfortable, Stylish

The Bad: No way to control cord excess, Ear hooks might not fit everyone.

The Ugly: N/A

Score: 9

Carly "PoisonPinkFluff" Frith is a little sugar, a little salt, and a whole lot of personality. Gamer, general geek and beer aficionado. Just call her a tomboy in high heels. She is on Twitter: @DN_PinkFluff.

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