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MW3: Old is New Again – Terminal Map Re-Release

Posted on July 20, 2012 AT 09:14am

Terminal is back! One of the community favorites from MW2 has made its way into MW3. Released for Free as DLC on July 18th, Terminal allows you to return to a classic Call of Duty Multiplayer location.

As soon as you start a match you will feel like you are home again. Everything you loved (or hated) about terminal is back in all its glory. This gameplay video is a Domination match played on Terminal. I was very surprised that so many people either do not remember the chokepoints on this map or have not played it before. As you will notice in the video, I was able to do some pretty decent defense of the “C” capture point simply by using the planters and corner creeping. Many of the enemy players either just ran right around the corner and rushed the flag, or didn’t bother to check their corners. In the old days of MW2 this would not have been so easy as the enemies should have been tossing out flashbangs and frags before they came around the corner.


It feels good to have another classic map to play on. I can’t wait to see if any other classic favorites come back before the launch of Black Ops II later this year. I have to admit though, I really would love some of the Black Ops maps to be released as MW3 multiplayer maps.

Until Next time, Frag you later… BluePhaze 24×7

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