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NBA 2K14 Review [PlayStation 4]

Posted on November 21, 2013 AT 10:06pm

NBA 2K14 is the definitive basketball simulator for the PlayStation 4, and it’s the closest you’ll ever get to the real life NBA.

It’s hard not to appreciate what NBA 2K14 brings to the table whether you are a basketball fan or not. For starters, the game just looks good. These are some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen on a video game. From the fabric wrinkling on the athletes to the sweat forming on their foreheads this game alive in every sense of the word. The player models and animations look life like. Players react with each other with facial expressions that will make anyone have a double-take because they appear as real life reactions.  The crowd is alive too.  No longer does the crowd have similar animations with every 3rd or 4th person; nearly every person is doing something different while watching the game and interacting. Simply put, NBA 2K14 is one of the best looking sports video games I have ever seen. When you show this game off to your friends it WILL turn heads.

NBA 2K14 returns with multiple game modes that every hoopster will come to appreciate and enjoy.  The NBA Today returns with it’s real scores, real stats, real NBA monicker. If you aren’t familiar with this mode, it features games happening from that specific day in the NBA with updated rosters and lineups for that game.  Players can interact with those games and play them as exhibition games.  What really makes this mode unique though is once it’s selected from the menu, players are met with an around the league breakdown of what has been happening in the NBA including stats, standings,scores and even includes real life highlights of the previous nights game.  This mode is truly for the NBA fanatics and really helps bring the realism into what defines NBA 2K14.

NBA 2K14 also has a handful of new game modes this year as well. Aside from Training Camp mode to help you atone your skills, another new feature that has been added for 2013 is LeBron Path to Greatness mode. This mode features Miami Heat superstar LeBron James as you control him to attempt to win as many championship rings as possible. As unique as this mode is, it’s also somewhat redundant as the mode is somewhat reminiscent of the Jordan Challenge mode which was done a few years back in NBA 2K11. But even so, it’s a mode to not be overlooked and LeBron fans especially will come to appreciate it.

What really makes NBA 2K14 shine is it’s My Player mode. I cannot express enough how unique of a game mode this is. Granted this mode has existed in past iterations but this year, it’s on a completely different level. I have had so many memorable experiences, and interactions in this mode that makes this mode so fun and unique. Drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves, I started my career off as a role player averaging about 8 points per game, halfway through the season doing the best I can to fit in on the squad. Fitting in not only on the court but OFF the court as well. What I encountered off the court is what really caught my attention though as opposed to my play on the court. Multiple interactions with the general manager and coach giving you the option of how to approach each situation really helps give the game a role playing mode. In one interaction, the game even flirted with the 4th wall making references to itself as my player mentioned to the general manager that he would like him to come over and play a couple games of ’2K’. That’s just one of multiple examples and interactions of what make this game unique. Each interaction and decision you made in this mode will have an impact on your career in one way or another.

Gameplay is very smooth with no frame rate drops or hiccups. In game instant replays are shown in seemless transitions and do not feel like they are rushed or provoked in the game. Everything feels natural as if it was a television broadcast. Speaking of which the in game commentary is great too! Kevin Harlan, Steve Kerr, and Clark Kellogg call each game, giving fresh insight on match-ups, current operations of teams, player information, and much more. During halftime and post game, 2K included a new feature called 2K sports real voice which features real voice acted interviews for a given player. It’s extremely well done and it’s the closest to an NBA broadcast that you can get.

NBA 2K14 defines what a next-gen basketball game should be. It has phenomenal graphics, outstanding new game features, and wonderful game play. Some modes may feel recycled and maybe just a small update but it quickly goes unnoticed with everything this game has to offer. If you are looking for the definitive basketball sim, you shouldn’t look any further than NBA 2K14.

Summary: 2K does it again, and somehow makes the best basketball sim on the market even better.

  • Pro: Graphics, solid commentary and the most realistic My Player mode yet gives gamers an RPG feel while playing a basketball sim feels like an added bonus.
  • Con: Some game modes feel recycled and re-introduced.

Score:  A

Albert Perkins is one of the journalists writing for DigitalNoob, and also co-hosts & produces The Weekly Beat Podcast on DigitalNoob. Away from gaming you can find Albert watching sports, television, movies, and regularly being the jokester & punch line amongst his friends. You can follow him on Twitter @AlbertPerkins.

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