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New SEGA Portable Brings Back “Megaman: The Wily Wars”

Posted on November 5, 2012 AT 12:12pm

One of the most obscure Megaman titles in the history of the franchise’ is The Wily Wars. A Genesis-exclusive collection of the first three Megaman games, it added three new Robot Masters and levels to the mix. It was a compilation title in the days of Ninja Gaiden Trilogy and Super Mario All-Stars, where such titles were a rarity and something to be cherished.

In America, it was only released on the SEGA Channel, an early example of gaming on demand. The modem-powered cartridge allowed players to rent or buy games, much in the same vein of the current era of Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare, and PlayStation Network purchases. It’s really one of the grandfathers of the medium.

Japan, Brazil, and Europe received the title (named Rockman Mega World in some regions), featuring battery back-up, improved graphics, and removed glitches.

Despite the apparent popularity of Megaman (ignoring Capcom’s recent treatment of the character), the title has never been released on a modern console as a virtual rerelease.

Until now.

AtGames is known for the handheld, SEGA Genesis-branded consoles that come packed in with games. They’re mostly forgettable, unless you really want to venture down that old console road in a mass-market handheld. Their new one, coming out next Tuesday,  goes by SEGA Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player, boasts 80 games, many mixing SEGA and Capcom, and features The Wily Wars amongst them. The manual online features all the games.

Many of the other games are solid; four Sonic titles, two Street Fighters, three Streets of Rage, and two Vectorman titles are all sound starts. The second 40 titles are all generic games, not Genesis ones, and are largely forgettable.

More games will be released for download to SD card, and the console will run for $60, Siliconera reports. Would you drop $60 for Megaman: The Wily Wars?

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