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New Star Trek Game and Website

Posted on June 5, 2012 AT 05:07pm

From the moment it sprang from the fertile imagination of Gene Roddenberry and landed on screens big and small, Star Trek has captured the hearts of sci-fi fans everywhere. Now, rather than just watching their favorite characters, fans will be able to play in the Star Trek universe themselves via the new Star Trek game.

Based upon the 2009 Star Trek movie and the original characters created by Gene Roddenberry, players will be able to co-op their way through the galaxy as Captain James Tiberius Kirk and Mr. Spock. Star Trek is due to be released in early 2013 on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.

The voice cast is impressive to say the least. Reprising their roles in the movie, the game will see the return of Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock and Chris Pine  as Captain Kirk. Other actors will be represented in the game as well and include, Simon Pegg (Scotty), Zoe Saldana (Lt. Uhura), Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy), Anton Yelchin (Chekov), and John Cho (Sulu).

While details about what is in the game are slim, we do know the Gorn will be a featured enemy. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock must defeat the Gorn and prevent them from taking over the galaxy. The Gorn are known as a powerful, military dictatorship whose only goal is to conquer other races and planets.

For more information visit the new Star Trek game website at www.startrekgame.com

Personally, I am left to wonder, does Captain Kirk get to get his groove on with the ladies in the game like he did in the TV show and movies? Will we see an Orion Slave Girl?

Carly "PoisonPinkFluff" Frith is a little sugar, a little salt, and a whole lot of personality. Gamer, general geek and beer aficionado. Just call her a tomboy in high heels. She is on Twitter: @DN_PinkFluff.

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