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Next Gen Now With Luminous Studio

Posted on June 6, 2012 AT 10:32pm

Pushing the boundaries of visual aesthetics has become the next rat race for game companies. On the verge of next gen consoles each day becomes a new horizon. Game companies have finally found a handle on current gen all while skimming the surface of the upcoming generations. Visuals have taken players from real world reality into gaming reality. No longer are visuals just a virtual representation they are quickly becoming picturesque real 1 to 1 representations. Moving into new realms means new ways to show off the visual technologies.

Square Enix has created a demo called AGNI’S PHILOSOPHY, which was made with their in house game production environment LUMINOUS STUDIO. Creating through a Final Fantasy looking glass the visuals are already stunning mixing science with a near-futuristic world. Pushing the boundaries of graphics the scenes are rendered in real time giving user a more in depth control over the on screen action. Where as graphics have always been pre-rendered which are created beforehand and take more processing power.

So through all the technical jargon what does this mean for you as the gamer and consumer??

The LUMINOUS STUDIO game engine aims to bring about greater productivity within game production teams, while simultaneously offering an environment to create games of fantastic quality. Furthermore, the LUMINOUS STUDIO game engine is planned to support game consoles, PC, smartphones, and the web, encapsulating the many platforms of the next generation of quality.

Agni’s Philosophy plunges you into the Final Fantasy realm once again bringing you back to the familiar world. Square Enix though is switching it up with a new protagonist Agni. Not much more is known about the protagonist but she is sure to dazzle with her magic wielding.

The Square Enix Group has several engines in addition to LUMINOUS STUDIO, such as IO Interactive’s “Glacier 2″ and Crystal Dynamics’ “Crystal Engine.”

Though not up currently you will be able to view more from the Tech Demo at:

Agnis Philosophy

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