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Not Enough Rift? Expansion time!

Posted on July 30, 2012 AT 05:11pm

There is no denying that Rift is popular. People love to have open worlds to explore and conquer. Loot is a special bonus when you’re trying to create the most awesome character ever.  Of course, there comes a time when the world gets boring and a game needs a shot in the arm and Rift is not immune.

Rift will be getting an expansion; Rift: Storm Legion.  Explore the land and face off against the dragon lord Crucia and her enchanted army, the Storm Legion.

“The world of Telara is massive and sprawling, and players have only experienced a slice of what it has to offer,” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer and Trion’s Chief Creative Officer. “Storm Legion is the next chapter in the Rift adventure, and takes players deeper than ever before. The expansion offers players an incredible amount of content – new zones, huge overland boss fights featuring hundreds of players, and ‘Dimensions’ a feature akin to housing that lets players socialize with friends in their own customizable space.”

Here is a small list of the new features in Rift: Storm Legion:

  • Four new souls and ten levels
  • A new world that spans two continents
  • A new stronghold for both Defiant and Guardians, the island city of Tempest Bay
  • A level cap increase to 60
  • Seven new dungeons, three new raids, a new Chronicle and more
  • Grandmaster crafting
  • Customizable space to build your own Guild

Rift: Storm Legion will be released in the Fall 2012.

If you haven’t played Rift before or you want to go back to playing, you can play for free until level 20, with no time limit and no credit card required.

Carly "PoisonPinkFluff" Frith is a little sugar, a little salt, and a whole lot of personality. Gamer, general geek and beer aficionado. Just call her a tomboy in high heels. She is on Twitter: @DN_PinkFluff.

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