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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Review [Anime]

Posted on July 20, 2012 AT 09:18am

Panty & Stocking, dubbed the anarchy sisters, are two angels that were cast out of heaven. Seems being foul mouthed little bitches is frowned upon. Panty likes sex while Stocking likes sweets; this is a major theme through out the anime. Their main goal is to try to win their way back into heaven through any means possible. Panty will don a panties pistol that you have to see to believe and stocking wields her stocking belt. Along for the ride is Garter Belt, a holy man that is helping them along their way. Looks like these two sisters have a snowball chance in hell to get back in heaven.

Following two raunchy foul mouthed angels Panty & Stocking as they try to kill ghosts to earn a ticket back to heaven. With each Heaven coin they collect, they get one step closer to getting their halos back. Garter, an earth bound preacher, is along for the ride. He acts as their agent, so to speak, usually bringing them their next case. He adds in a whole new level for the over top anime, you have to see to believe. Also along for the ride is a crazy looking dog thing. He probably makes some of the best scenes in the whole anime and is always being beat on or kicked around; it adds a laugh factor.

Panty Stocking & Garter Belt falls into the realm of great animation because of a unique art style. Sure, it may have been done before but it is kept fresh. One nice switch up is where the scenes change and so does the art style as well. Later episodes start to pose more artsy style and delve into different angles of viewership. One thing that I found interesting is when the art style represented more of a comic book. Visually, words flew off the screen almost as you were serenaded with sweet music. You felt as if you were reading a comic book with a great soundtrack playing behind you.

Summary: Watching this anime should not disappoint; it has some random moments that makes it enjoyable. Unfortunately, some of the sexual jokes and swearing feel forced and overused. Looking past all that, I did find the title to be very enjoyable. After the first few episodes, I was hooked on what Panty and Stocking were selling. Funny one liners are riddled throughout the scenes as they play out though at times the jokes can be over the top and the raunchy actions do add a bit of spice to the title. If you get a chance to pick Panty and Stocking up for a cheap price I would say go for it.

  • THE GOOD: Art style is a welcome refresher
  • THE BAD: Pushes the adult button, sometimes feels forced and overused

Score: 9

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