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Paradox Rocks Out

Posted on July 18, 2012 AT 01:29pm

Paradox Interactive has decided to showcase its new line-up rockstar-style with a coast to coast tour.

The tour will begin in New York and so far it will also be visiting Cleveland, Ohio. Paradox has plenty of new stuff to showcase and they’ve indicated that they’re loading their bus up with weapons. That is a bit worrying. There is good news to balance the fact that Paradox is driving around heavily armed in major civilian areas. They’re going to be showing off a diverse group of six titles:

  • Salem: The Crafting MMO: Experience the excitement of living the harsh life as a colonial settler in an unforgiving MMORPG
  • War of the Roses: Don’t be misled; this isn’t going to be a history lesson. In war of the Roses you get to take part in brutal team-based melee combat that history classes should feature
  • A Game of Dwarves:  People who like underground games will love this one; this dwarf management simulator is literally underground!
  • Dungeonland: Dungeonland is a great game to play with friends – and one enemy. In this co-op hack & slash: one player becomes an evil GM who controls the dungeon against his “friends”
  • Starvoid : A Multiplayer real-time strategy in space with an army of techno-droids. Not sure what those are, but count me in.
  • The Showdown Effect: A  freestyle combat sidescroller with a fusion of 1980s character archetypes

Paradox has also promised a surprise game that will be unveiled on tour. They’re pretty tight-lipped about this one so it should be a big deal.

Fans can follow the Paradox tour online on the Paradox on Tour blog. They’ll get access to behind-the-scenes developer videos, guest for the upcoming War of the Roses tournament, and plenty of pictures!

In the meantime, head here for updates.

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