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PAX East 2013: Pro Janitor Police Hands-On Impressions

Posted on March 26, 2013 AT 09:13am

With all of the indie developers in attendance at PAX East 2013, I was sure to find plenty of games that major developers would never even dream of creating.  One upcoming title that caught my eye was Pro Janitor Police by AdaptivElite.  In Pro Janitor Police, players take control of one of three superhero janitors as they use their powerful cleaning supplies to rid the world of evil enemies made of filth.

My hands on time with Pro Janitor Police put me in control of Mitch Hammer who wields a mop and water cannon.  As I hopped around the level battling roaches and clouds of obnoxious odors, I was reminded of classic arcade brawlers like Bad Dudes and RoboCop.  Enemies were relatively easy to kill but often showed up in the perfect location to make me miss a jump or knock me off a platform.  At the end of the demo level I was tasked with battling what can only be described as a huge green slime monster.  By collecting suds throughout the level I was able to build up a power meter and unleash an unblockable, screen clearing bleach attack.  The preview build was easy to control and possessed a unique sense of family friendly toilet humor (no pun intended….I think) that will appeal to those looking for a one of a kind indie brawler.

Pro Janitor Police is set for release on May 18 for the PC with a release on Android and iOS mobile platforms to follow.  For more information be sure to visit

James is a complete gaming geek that moonlights as a guitar player for local Miami rock band phoenix/NEBULIN. When he's not rocking out onstage he can be found on PSN and Xbox Live as Anxiety83. You can also follow James on Twitter @anxiety83

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