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PAX Prime 2012 – Pitch Your Game Idea Panel

Posted on September 15, 2012 AT 07:17am

The panel opened to an introduction of Jeff Kalles from Penny Arcade, Kris Straub from Blamimations, Greg ‘Porkfry’ Hjertager from Microsoft, and Gordon Bellamy from Tencent. The panelists wanted to make it very clear up front that this panel wasn’t to be taken seriously and that if any of the audience had a game idea that they really cared about that they should present it because the panelist could and would make them cry. The panelists went on to explain the rules: each person would have roughly 30-45 seconds to pitch the high concept of a game idea, the panelist may ask a question or two and they say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to letting the speaker into the 2nd round, once the 1st round is over the ‘yes’ speakers of the 1st round go through a 2nd round of further detail and questions. After hear all of the ideas, the panelists would then choose the top 3 ideas to win prizes.

Some of my personal favorite ideas where: “Dinoswords:” a Playstation Move title where the players sword fight with dinosaurs, a game where you play a Sims like character that is trying to overthrow their player secretly, “American Tall-tales in Space:” A brawler where you play as Paul Bunyan and one mission might be to help Casey Jones take back his train from aliens, and a game where you stalk someone’s day to day life until you can impersonate them to steal something valuable that they have access to.

The third place winner was a game dubbed “Food Truck Frenzy.” A multiplayer game where each player does a different job in a crazy food truck. One player is the driver, and has to play a Crazy Taxi like game where they have to drive from place to place quick to sell their trucks delicious food. Another player is the cook, who plays a cooking simulation game that is effected by the drivers driving; the crazier the driving, the harder it might be to be able to cook in the back of the moving truck. The third player is the shooter, the operator of a potato cannon on the top of the food truck (crazy, I know) who has to play a rail-shooter game to attack other competing food trucks.

The second place winner was a game called “Velvet Wings of Calamity.” A game where the player controls a lone butterfly trapped in a house with a large group of kittens that are trying to catch and kill the player. But before the butterfly can try to escape the house, he/she must first trick each of the kittens into causing it’s own death. This is done be setting up elaborate Incredible Machines of cause and effect and chain reactions to defeat each kitten.

Finally, the first place winner where player chooses a specialization of what kind of nerd they want to be (Video Game Nerd, Comic Book Nerd, etc.) and the game takes place at a large convention where  the player walks around looking for conversations that are relevant to his/hers specialization. Once the player finds such a conversation, the player quietly enters the conversation into a Mass Effect  style conversation system where they try to interrupt one of the characters and correct them with their vast nerd knowledge to make the members of the conversation feel as awkward as possible, but the player must be careful to not get corrected in return which would end the encounter. This game was simply called “Well Actually,…”


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