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Pokemon X/Y News Leaks A Few Days Early

Posted on May 11, 2013 AT 11:17am

Details on Pokemon X and Y from Japanese gaming and comic magazine, CoroCoro, have leaked a few days before its official release. Details given below will be using the translated Japanese names. The official localized names will most likely be revealed next Saturday night in conjunction with the airing of the Pokemon Smash episode featuring Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda.

  • The new region is called the “Karos Region” and appears to be based off France and possibly other parts of Europe.
  • The KarosDex will apparently be split into three parts: Central, Mountain and Coastal. It also features a new design that uses holographic displays for the Pokemon, probably taking full advantage of the 3DS’s stereoscopic capabilities.
  • The main city, which was also seen in the trailer, is Miare City. It is apparently so large you have to ride Pokemon to get around. The city is most likely based off Paris, France, given the setting.
  • A few customization options are now offered for the Player’s avatar, including 3 skin colors, hair colors and eye colors for both genders. It appears that you are just given a choice between 3 slightly varied avatars per gender, with little control over the actual customization.
  • A new grass-type Pokemon has been revealed: The goat Pokemon, Gogoat, classified as “The Ride Pokemon”. This Pokemon can actually be ridden in the field and Miare City. It learns the move Horn Leech.
  • A new Electric/Normal type has been revealed: the lizard-like Elikiteru. It classified as “The Generation Pokemon” and can learn the new move Parabola Charge, which heals itself while damaging opponents.
  • A new Normal/Flying-type Pokemon has been revealed: the new bird, Yayakoma. It is classified as “The Japanese Robin Pokemon” and can use the move Nitro Charge.
  • A new Fighting-type has been revealed: the panda Pokemon, Yancham. It is classified as “The Naughty Pokemon” and can use the new move Parting Remark which decreases the opponents stats.
  • Further details on the three starters have been revealed: Chespin is the “Shelled Chestnut Pokémon”, and can learn moves such as Vine Whip, Rollout, Tackle and Growl. Fenekin is the “Fox Pokemon” and has 200°C flames. Froakie is the “Bubble Frog Pokémon” and can jump as high as a three-story building.

We’ll probably learn more details over the coming week and get a few more things confirmed in the May 19th Pokemon Smash episode. [Sources: and BulbaNews]

James Conrad is a Pokemon fanboy, lover of the arts and is forever broke.
Tweets: @JRCnrd

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