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Power Up! Rock Band Blitz Gets New Songs!

Posted on May 30, 2012 AT 07:11am

Harmonix has announced11 new songs that will accompany their upcoming downloadable title, Rock Band Blitz!

  • The All-American Rejects – “Kids in the Street”
  • Barenaked Ladies – “One Week”
  • Collective Soul – “Shine”
  • Elton John – “I’m Still Standing”
  • Fall Out Boy – “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’”
  • Great White – “Once Bitten Twice Shy”
  • Iron Maiden – “The Wicker Man”
  • Living Colour – “Cult of Personality”
  • P!nk – “Raise Your Glass”
  • Shinedown – “Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)”
  • Tears for Fears – “Shout”

More songs will be announced prior to the games release this summer. In addition to the tracks listed above, Rock Band Blitz players will be able to jam along with tracks from previously released Rock Band games as well as hundreds of other songs available from the Rock Band Music Store.

The game is specifically designed to be used with a standard console controller, letting players put down their plastic instruments for a more traditional game play experience. With over 15 power-ups for players to unlock, it is guaranteed that every gamer will find something to give themselves a competitive edge against their opponents.

Power-ups as listed on

Overdrive Power-ups: Play glowing notes to earn Energy, then deploy insane Overdrive Power-ups, including…

  • Shockwave: Sends a sonic wave that earns you bonus points for every note it touches! The more Energy you’ve stored, the larger the Shockwave!
  • Point Doubler: Earns two times the points for every note played!
  • Jackpot: Launch Jackpot to start a run that will earn you three times the points if you can play a section of notes perfectly. Be careful – miss a note and you lose it all!

Note Power-ups: Equip Note Power-ups to randomly scatter glowing purple notes throughout a song. Hit those notes for some wild, point-boosting effects, like…

  • Flame note: Hit this note to start a fire. Follow the spreading blaze to earn bonus points!
  • Runaway Note: Trigger this type of note to send a spark down the track. Chase that runaway note down and get the big points.
  • Synchrony: For the rhythm junkie, Synchrony gives you bonus points for switching on the downbeat. Switching at the measure markers also plays notes on both tracks!

Rock Band Blitz is slated for release this summer and will be available for purchase from the Xbox LIVEArcade and PlayStation Network Store.


About the Author: Laura has many varied interests outside of video gaming. Other hobbies and areas of obsession include: hiding her Boston accent, singing, Metallica, The Walking Dead, Iron Man, Green Day, The Boondock Saints, tattoos, Pomeranians, and the paranormal. Follow Laura on Twitter: @DN_VampPMS

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