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Powerbag [Review]

Posted on September 20, 2012 AT 06:47pm

Ever been in the middle of a convention or even on any trip, and just had your phone or mp3 player start screaming at you because of a low battery? Have your charger but no outlets? You’ll never have to worry about that ever again with the Powerbag. While it looks like a simply messenger bag, this baby has enough power to recharge two devices from dead to full before having to recharge itself, and don’t worry about not having your charger cord. This thing has everything you could need for your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Kindle, digital camera, and more, it’s pretty much perfect. With a full size USB port, dedicated Apple connector, and a mini and micro USB connector, it’s ridiculously amazing and handy.

First thing when you pick up the Powerbag, any of them, is read the directions. This is one of the times where it helps a lot. Setting up the rechargeable battery is easy, and the little plug on the side is where the bag’s AC adapter plugs in to charge it. It’s perfect to set up the night before and leave it charging overnight before a big day. Being a messenger bag, it has all the little compartments one could need, included a dedicated padded area for a laptop or tablet. Where the connectors are for the Apple and USB ports are in the front zipper pockets, perfect for connecting your device and closing it up for safe keeping. The only problem I ran into was the fact that my phone, being a Droid, is decently tall and I was unable to fully close the pocket. Along with pockets on the outside, there are plenty on the inside and along the very outside, including the flap and the back, the part that sits against you. It comes with a easy to remove shoulder strap so you can use it as a simple computer bag or as a full fledged messenger bag

There’s not many downsides to the bag, though they can be a slight pain. First off, Powerbags, in general, are not cheap. This messenger bag comes in at $139.99, and that’s the cheapest. The bag comes with a 3000mAh battery though if you want double the power (6000mAh), the battery will run you $49. The bag’s holding capacity is nice but even moderately loaded, the wide shape makes using it with the shoulder strap mildly awkward, especially for a woman. It shifts about a bit to much when walking and switching shoulders occurred often. Finally, the flap is closed by only one clasp, and at an angle, leaving the side that the clasp doesn’t sit on vulnerable to hands that are able to reach into it.

SUMMARY:If you do a lot of travel or footwork where you’re away from a viable outlet, and constantly on your electronic device and love to kill the battery, this is the perfect gift for someone you know or for yourself, and even better for the journalist on the go. If you can look past the price tag and know it will get a good amount of miles, get it!

  • THE GOOD: Extremely useful for those on the go, good for a whole day’s worth of travel, and quickly charges within a couple of hours
  • THE BAD:One side isn’t secured completely and its wide design leads to it shifting about
  • THE UGLY: The $140 price tag can scare away potential buyers.

SCORE: 8.0

As a gamer for life, I've watched many things come and go. My controller has changed color and shape many times, along with my console. A fan of action RPGs and the like, I'm always willing to give a good game the chance to impress me. || Editor-In-Chief || @GamingMistress || GamingMistress@DigitalNoob.com

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