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Prepare Your Defenses: Fieldrunners 2 Coming This June!

Posted on May 31, 2012 AT 09:10am

Tower defense games had a bit of a stigma attached to them for too long, seen by gamers as too casual, or the sort of games made for entertaining children for a few minutes.

Thankfully, some indie studios took the concept of tower defense to a whole other level. So fans of the genre should be very happy for the announcement of Fieldrunners 2. But topping what is already one of the most intense tower defense games in existence won’t be an easy task, and the folks at Subatomic Studios have a few tricks up their sleeve. Fieldrunners 2 will feature:

  • Over 20 levels spanning four zones, including a “secret” volcano base.
  • 20 different towers, up to 6 different ones for each level. Besides a return of your favorites from the first game, there will also be a sniper-like Railgun Tower and *drumroll*… a Nuke Tower. I don’t even want to imagine how hectic things will need to get before deploying that one.
  • Revamped Time Trial maps, Survival, Sudden Death and a new mode to the mix: Puzzle maps.

Chris Canfield, the designer behind the Puzzle Maps, explains this new mode:

Puzzle maps were born from a series of off-the-wall weekend experiments. No idea was too strange to try.  While we never intended them to be public, they were just too fun to keep to ourselves.  Puzzle Maps are short, odd, intense snippets where we twist the rules of Fieldrunners to focus on a different type of game play.  Without giving too much away: each one is widely different, and people are going to have a great time exploring them all.

And in our experience, quite a bit of fun can be had when developers choose to release their little “experiments” to the public.

Fieldrunners was a major hit initially on iOS, but has since been ported to just about every platform you can imagine, including Steam and as a Chrome app. Fieldrunners 2 will be available on the iPhone very soon in June, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it on more platforms as time rolls by.

If you’re intrigued by one of the most intense, maniacal, and dowright evil tower defense games out there, check out the Fieldrunners website for download links. Be warned: it’s very, very addictive.

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