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Pro Cycling Manager [Steam] Review

Posted on July 3, 2013 AT 06:17pm

Imagine if you could steeping yourself inside of your favorite sport. Every aspect of the sport is opened up to you to control. Now imagine this put inside a game, well technically more of a simulation. We are talking about Pro Cycling Manager 2013 here, it is a game that will cater to a specific group of players. If you are fans of games such as COD or other similar game types this one may not be for you. Pro Cycling Manager 2013 will cater to two very specific groups of gamers, ones who already enjoy the world of cycling, or those that feel the need to have control of every aspect of a game. Data management will be the pinnacle of this game with a few actual moments of gameplay added in.

Story is lacking in the traditional sense, you will not find some made up story, everything will be based on your decisions and actions. As far as Pro Cycling Manager goes you are the author of the story that will unfold. As you start to build a team and manage said team you will begin to build their story. Players you choose will be the building blocks like words to the story. Your passion towards gaining knowledge on riders, the best sponsors and the overall collection of being the best cycling manager is what will continue to build on that story. As you progress you will learn more about how to best build your team.

Traditionally speaking gameplay is not actual playing of a game it is all about simulation of scenarios. Much of your time will be scouring data sheets, emails and other information on riders. You will also be in charge of acquiring sponsorships for said team. Where actual gameplay comes into the picture is when the data management portion is done. You have the chance to simulate the races or race them yourself, though actually going into the racing mode will give you a much more rich experience. Management is key in success in whether your team will win or lose a race. You have to keep an eye on key factors as the race progresses. Tire your team out too quick and they will lag behind the pack. Use the skills you learn through each course to better your riders.

With in the first few seconds of the opening scene you can see the graphic power the game posses. Though much of your time will be spent looking at pretty bland graphs. If you go the route of actually racing you will get a bit more into the graphics. Certain points the game surely stood out, one down fall was the small graphical glitches. It was a minor annoyance overall. As stated before you will be spending more time pouring over graphs and stats. Graphics kind of fall to the wayside here.

Lasting appeal is in the beholders eyes as you the game player will ultimately decide. Much is offered to make this game one you could delve into multiple times and not get the same experience. If you are a fan of strategy and simulation type games this is your bread and butter. Offering up multiple ways to fully enjoy the game to completion. Multiplayer modes add on an even more immersive experience. As you learn more about how the game plays out you will find a depper understanding of how expansive the game really is.


This game may not fully fall into a crowd with many fans. What Pro Cycling 2013 has to offer is immersive. Gameplay is for those players that enjoy the actual gear grinding style of data management. This is simulation and strategy at it’s core. If you come in expecting the game to be more than data management you will be sorely mistaken and disappointed. On the surface it may seem tedious but enjoyment is hidden only a few feet from there. Like I said the game is not for all players but will be fun for those who give it a chance.

Pros: Long game, Replay Value

Cons: No Tutorial, Lot’s of Data Management, Caters to a certain crowd

Grade: C+

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