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Pro Tips: Black Ops 2 – Class Combos Part 1 – Weapon Attachments

Posted on January 9, 2013 AT 12:02pm

Black Ops 2 Pro Tips

Today we are going to look at some simple combinations of weapon attachments that compliment each other in Black Ops 2. These combos are pretty simple but make a lot of sense when you put them together. In future articles in this series I will also cover more advanced combos that include wildcards and perks in conjunction with weapon attachments and gear. I refer to these as simple combos due to the fact that they do not require any specific perks or wildcards in order to be used. Of course, all of these are dependent on your level as the gear and attachments available to you are based on your player level as well as your weapon level.

First we will start with some simple weapon attachment combinations. This is usually the first place many CoD players go when customizing their class builds. I tend to avoid using 3 attachments on my weapons as I feel that it uses too many of my slots to add a third attachment (wildcard + third attachment slot) and also makes you too reliant on having that particular weapon. If you have to pick up another weapon you have just wasted 2 slots in your class build. That being said however, I will provide any thoughts I have on what 3rd attachment might compliment the two that I have chosen in each of these combos.

Quickdraw Handle + Target Finder

This combination allows for quickly aiming down the site due to the Quickdraw handle and allowing for very quick target acquisition with the Target Finder. For those who feel that weapon aiming is a bit sluggish or who are tired of enemies who like to creep or lay prone in darkened areas. The Quickdraw handle in Black Ops 2 takes the place of the Fast Hands Pro perk from Modern Warfare 2 and allows for much quicker aiming or “zooming in”. The Target Finder will highlight enemies with a red diamond making them very easy to spot even in low light and heavily obstructed areas.

Quickdraw Handle and Target Finder

Quickdraw Handle and Target Finder

Pros: Very quick aiming down site, Easy and Fast Target Acquisition, See enemies in poor visibility conditions
Preferred Game Types: Any
Complimentary 3rd Attachments: Adjustable Stock, FMJ

Laser Sight + Suppressor

This combination allows for quick and accurate hip firing while staying off the enemies radar. For those who don’t want to take the time to aim down the sites but who want to be able to actually hit an enemy on the move while hip firing. This combination is especially deadly in Hardcore game modes due to not having a visible cross-hair in hardcore mode. The laser site gives you a visible indicator as to where you are firing, I can’t stress enough how much of an advantage this can be in Hardcore modes.

Laser Sight and Suppressor

Laser Sight and Suppressor

Pros: Accurate Hipfire (Even in Hardcore mode), Quiet, no showing on the minimap due to gun noise
Preferred Game Types: Hardcore
Complimentary 3rd Attachments: FMJ, Fast Mag

Select Fire + Fore Grip

This combination allows you to make a semi-auto or burst weapon full auto and counteract the added recoil. The Select Fire switch allows you to make a burst or semi-automatic weapon into a full auto weapon. This has benefits as the burst and single fire weapons tend to have higher damage and are more accurate. The downside is that using the Select Fire switch automatically increases the amount of recoil for the weapon which reduces the accuracy. The full auto mode on these weapons also tends to be much slower than on weapons that were already fully automatic. To improve the accuracy and stability of the weapon we need to include the Fore Grip. The suppressor also reduces recoil if you want to use it instead, though not to the same degree as the Fore Grip does. Some people swear by using the M8A1 or the FAL with Select Fire. Personally I tend to stick with weapons that are already fully auto as I don’t want to waste attachments slots just to make a weapon function like a different weapon. I tend to use attachments to enhance a weapons existing characteristics, but of course everyone has their own preferences. I spent some time with both the FAL and the M8A1 and though they do have more damage than most of the full auto weapons, I found that the drop in accuracy more than offset the damage. In the end I found myself moving back to weapons like the M27.

Select Fire and Fore Grip

Select Fire and Fore Grip

Pros: Increased firing rate for Semi-Auto and Burst mode weapons
Cons: Increased Recoil, Reduced Accuracy, Slower Full Auto compared to other weapons, Uses more attachments slots to get the weapon to behave like the existing full auto weapons
Complimentary 3rd Attachments: Just about any of the Sight Options (Reflex, Target Finder, Hybrid, etc…)

Fast Mag + Adjustable Stock

This is actually my current favorite combination on the M27 or MTAR. The Fast Mag allows for much faster reloading and unlike in previous Call of Duty games does not only work for your first reload. It is a constant effect. I can’t count the number of times I have died due to the length of time the reloads take in this game. The Stock attachment is the replacement for the Stalker perk in previous games. With this attachment you can move much faster while aiming down the sights of your weapon. This is great for cramped areas where you may not have time to aim or where you want to be able to strafe without feeling like you are in slow motion. One thing that many folks do not seem to realize is that the Stock attachment also increases accuracy, not by as much as the Fore Grip, but enough to help. Using this setup with the M27 (which has very low recoil) I have found that I am getting many more kills than I was when using more complex weapon attachment setups. I also have some really good perks to go along with this combo, but that will be for the next article.

Fast Mag and Adjustable Stock

Fast Mag and Adjustable Stock

Pros: Faster Reload (Less Downtime in firefights), Move/Strafe Faster when aiming down the sights
Preferred Game Type: Any
Complimentary 3rd Attachments: Quickdraw Handle, FMJ, Suppressor

Ballistics CPU + FMJ

This combo is mainly for Snipers and allows for better range and accuracy as well as more damage which are the bread and butter of snipers. The Ballistics CPU increases both your Accuracy and Range and decreases weapon sway. The FMJ will give you more damage over distance and through objects like walls.

Ballistics CPU and FMJ

Ballistics CPU and FMJ

Pros: Greater Range, Accuracy and Damage (Including through objects)
Preferred Map type: Any that allow for good sniping sight lines
Complimentary 3rd Attachments: Dual Band, Zoom, Suppressor

The Forbidden!

One combo that would be great, but has been blocked by the devs (for very obvious reasons):


This combination would allow you to not only detect enemies that are behind thin cover, but to also get better bullet penetration when firing through that cover. This combination is the closest thing to a wall hack that you will find in this game. The MMS (Millimeter Scanner) allows you to see through thin objects in pulses, similar to a radar ping allowing you to spot enemy positions. The FMJ allows for better bullet penetration through objects and increases bullet damage a bit. FMJ is the current replacement for the Hardened and Stopping Power Perks from previous Call of Duty titles. Together you can see enemies behind objects and then have a better chance of shooting through the object to hit them. You will notice that if you try to add these options to your weapon, the game will not allow you to use them together. While this may not make sense from a strictly engineering point of view, it makes a lot of sense from a game balance perspective.

Pros: Detect enemies through objects, Hit enemies through objects, increased damage
Preferred Map Types: Maps with buildings or a lot of thin cover
Cons: This Combination is not allowed in the game

And that pretty much wraps up this weeks post. Next I will look at combinations of Perks, wildcards and equipment that work best with some of the weapon attachment combos to make the basis for some really flexible class builds. Have any good combinations that you have found useful? Let me know in the comments!

I am the former Dark Overlord of the Microsoft Sidewinder blog and former Community Manager for Gaming on the Microsoft Hardware Blog. When I am not gaming or working you can find me writing here at Digitalnoob.I have been gaming since the 80's and tend to prefer first person Shooters, though I do play some RTS and RPGs as well. Always looking for folks to get my frag on, you can find me on Xbox LIVE.

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