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Remember Me Gameplay Demo Shows Us Nilin’s Moves

Posted on September 6, 2012 AT 11:14pm

Capcom and Dontnod have released a new, uncut gameplay video for their upcoming game, Remember Me. The previous gameplay trailer concentrated on Nilin’s ‘Memory Remix’ ability and very briefly touched upon some of the basic in-game movement. This new one shows off Nilin’s combat moves and her knack for using four letter words in stressful situations… but don’t we all?

The combat looks like it flows well, but where it really shines is when Nilin uses one of her special moves, such as ‘Memory Overload’, which is a finisher that will find her enemy’s data exploding out of the front of their cranium. Since the majority of the population in the game has implants, it’s fair to assume that most enemies are susceptible to her mind-altering attacks.

Movement look smooth and flashy, and there are mostly unobtrusive  ‘helper’ graphics that layer over the environment to help you get  from place to place. There’s also status overlays and signs throughout giving you warnings ['Caution: Droids at work'] or just letting you know your bath water is to the temperature you prefer. The helper overlays remind me ever so slightly of the red colourings used in Mirror’s Edge to point you in the right direction. I hope that, like in Mirror’s Edge, that you can turn the hints off. Some players prefer to find where they need to go on their own.

Check out the gameplay below!

If the Memory Remix demo didn’t sell you on the game… Did the combat and movement you just watched do it for ya?

Remember Me releases May 2013, and I don’t think it can come soon enough.

Bryan Todd [aka DieselBT] -- This is where I'm supposed to say something clever about myself. Let's pretend I did, and it conveniently mentions all of my top interests, such as anime, video games, crazy gadgets, electronic music, voice acting, sound editing, and countless other ridiculously fascinating topics. I also like to write stuff about things, which is why I'm here.

...That, and I like your shirt.

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