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Review: Orcs Must Die 2 Fire & Water Pack [PC]

Posted on September 7, 2012 AT 01:09pm

Orcs Must Die 2 has released a DLC pack called the Fire & Water Pack for their base game of Orcs Must Die 2. This DLC pack contains 3 new traps, 3 new levels, three new Endless levels converted from the main game, and two new enemies that are a callback to the namesake of the DLC, the Fire Elemental and the Water Elemental.

The new levels are the best way to extend the life of the game–in a co-op focused game, you can look forward to tougher levels and more skulls to earn to fill out your spellbook. There’s also a new award in this pack, the “trapless” skull award that I had no interest in trying to get – I’m simply not that good. The new levels are solid, and the Endless conversions give you more reason to go back to this game after completing it. The new traps are helpful, especially the Floor Portal, which teleports an enemy back to the beginning so they can do their run anew.

Overall, a $4.99 asking price for this DLC feels a bit cheap at face value, but when you factor in how versatile a set of new levels and some new traps are to the overall experience, it’s definitely worth the price of admission. If you finished Orcs Must Die 2 and didn’t feel like you needed to go back, however…this pack is not for you.

  • THE GOOD: New maps, traps, and enemies give you lots of reasons to play more Orcs Must Die 2
  • THE BAD: $5 is a high entry point for impulse shoppers
  • THE UGLY: Water elementals covered in spiderwebs. Ew!

SCORE: 6.5 out of 10

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