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Review: The CM Quick Fire Pro Keyboard

Posted on May 31, 2012 AT 05:59pm

The Quick Fire Pro keyboard from Cooler Master is a great keyboard in most respects, but I do have some issues with it that would deter me from buying it over another, similar keyboard. The keyboard is easy to set up and use, and it works great! However, a few of the decisions made by the company during the design phase confuse me.

Setup/Software- 10/10

For starters, this keyboard has no software to download, no settings to mess with. You take it out of the box, plug it in, and it works. As far as the setup goes, the keyboard has a detachable mini USB braided cord. You may be reading this and cringing, worrying that your keyboard might come unplugged or loose during use. Fear not! The Quick Fire Pro has a notch on the bottom of the keyboard that the cord fits into and stays snug, keeping you from accidentally unplugging it. It comes with the tool to remove the key caps and replace the Cherry MX switches.


Aesthetics- 7/10

I do like the actual look of the keyboard. It’s relatively small, and the laser cut keys are crisp and pretty looking. I even like the font they used for the keyboard. The smaller of the two issues I have with the aesthetics of the Quick Fire Pro is the fact that the LED backlighting for the keys is red, and you can’t change it. For picky consumers, that could be a reason to avoid this keyboard, if the rest of your rig has blue (or some other color) lights.

The second issue I have with the looks of this keyboard is also in the LED backlighting. Using the function lock key, you can change the area of the keyboard that is backlit by pressing F4. You can select to have WASD and the arrow keys lit up, or the left side of the keyboard (1-5, Q-R, A-F, Z-C, Spacebar, and the arrow keys) lit up, or have that half of the keyboard softly pulsing.

What I think is completely stupid about this keyboard is that there is no option to have the entire keyboard lit. If you only use it for gaming, you might not mind. If you use your keyboard at night or in the dark for typing, it’s a little frustrating. I ended up switching the lights off altogether and leaving them off instead of having only part of it lit.

Use- 8/10

The keyboard works great. It’s mechanical, so the key presses are smooth and the response time is good. The keyboard is a bit loud, so if you’re looking for a quiet keyboard, this might not be it.

The thing about the Quick Fire Pro that I REALLY don’t like lies with the Function Lock system. There is a FN Lock button next to the right CTRL button on the keyboard. It will toggle the use of the Function keys. F1-F4 deal with the backlighting for the keyboard, and F5-F11 are for sound and media. When I play MOBAs or MMOs (or anything but an RPG), I listen to music. If you want to listen to music while you play, I don’t recommend this keyboard.

While playing Tera, I use the F keys for abilities, so I keep the FN Lock button off. Tabbing out every time you want to change a song is annoying, so I wanted to be able to just use the keyboard for the media. It DOES work well to use the media buttons. However, in order to change songs, stop, play, turn volume up or down, or mute using the media buttons you have to toggle the FN Lock, hit the key to change the song, and then un-toggle. Doing it once or twice is not a big deal, but after a while it’s annoying to do. If you forget to toggle it back, your regular F keys won’t work.

If you aren’t media heavy when you game, and if you aren’t going to use the keyboard for programming, I definitely recommend it. If you plan on playing a lot of music while you use the Quick Fire Pro, you might want to choose a different keyboard.

Overall, I really like the Quick Fire Pro. It feels nice, looks nice, and aside from some oversights on the mechanics of it, it’s a genuinely great keyboard. I think there is room for improvement for certain groups of people, for general use I highly recommend it.


The Good:

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Good response time.
  • Feels comfortable.
  • Works well, even with heavy use.

The Bad:

  • Media keys conflict with F keys.
  • No wrist rest.

The Ugly:

  • Lack of the option to light the whole keyboard.
  • No option to change the color from red.

Overall Score: 8/10

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